Need Some Marketing Ideas? Here’s 207 That Bring You Leads!

Looking for new marketing ideas to grow your business and get you leads?

We have you covered. We put together 207 Marketing Ideas for your small business!

Today, thousands of business owners are looking for new ways to market their business. As more businesses enter the marketplace, there is a need to think creatively with your marketing to capture as much visibility as you can. One thing about being a small business owner is – no two growth strategies are the same. What works for one business – might not work for the next. It’s up to you to test different strategies until you find the right one that works for you.

If you’ve found yourself trying several ideas but haven’t seen the results you’ve needed, it’s time to try more.

Here’s 207 Marketing Ideas you can use to grow your business. (Each one of these will get you leads!) 

  1. Create Clear Marketing Goals
  2. Develop and use a Marketing Calendar
  3. Get and hand out business cards
  4. Write blog posts weekly
  5. Create videos sharing helpful tips
  6. Research your target audience
  7. Create an ideal customer profile
  8. Keep an ongoing list of business ideas
  9. Join Facebook Groups
  10. Start a Facebook Group
  11. Create a Facebook Page
  12. Link your Facebook Page to your personal profile
  13. Post articles on your Facebook Page
  14. Use the notes feature on your Facebook business page to share content
  15. Engage and respond to all comments on Facebook
  16. Create a Pinterest Account
  17. Create Pinterest boards and pin your website’s content
  18. Engage and respond to all comments on Pinterest
  19. Create an Instagram Account
  20. Use 30 relevant  hashtags on each post
  21. Engage and respond to all comments on Instagram
  22. Create a YouTube Account
  23. Engage with all comments on YouTube
  24. Create a SnapChat Account
  25. Share valuable content on social media daily
  26. Run a sale, promotion or discount
  27. Host a giveaway
  28. Give away a freebie to collect emails
  29. Send email newsletters once a week
  30. Ask customers for testimonials
  31. Ask customers for referrals
  32. Create a referral network with other business professionals
  33. Optimize your site for SEO
  34. Update titles, descriptions, images and bio’s to be SEO friendly
  35. Go to networking events
  36. Join Twitter Chat’s
  37. Get Business Cards
  38. Share valuable content in Facebook groups
  39. Share content to your personal profile
  40. Add your content to Pinterest
  41. Use BoardBooster to automate your Pinterest account
  42. Tweet your content weekly
  43. Use Revive Old Post to share blog posts automatically
  44. Use IFTTT to automatically share Facebook posts to Twitter
  45. Update social media bio’s to drive traffic and collect subscribers

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207 Marketing Ideas


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207 MARKETING IDEAS to get you leads for your small business

207 MARKETING IDEAS - Each One Will Bring Your Business Leads

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