How to Build an Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy

How to Build an Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy

Advertising on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are everywhere, so how can your company stand out from the crowd? The answer is by using an organic social media marketing strategy to build an audience that’s interested in what you have to say.

Let’s go back to basics: What is an organic social media strategy then?

You know what they say, “You get more honey with bees than you do with flies.”

Organic social media marketing is basically free marketing. It’s using strategies that are completely “organic”, generating natural movements like posting an article on Facebook to drive traffic to your website, or getting the word out by telling friends about something awesome you just learned! It is an excellent way to market your business by telling stories with value through content that people will want to share. It just requires that you maintain an active presence in the community!

Did you also know that 53% of website traffic comes from organic search while only 27% comes from paid? But there are also some twists that would require you to put in some work. The first is the need to make sure people are interacting enough for their feedback and engagement count as positive results rather than just browsing without involvement or interest in what you have on your page – this will get them off so quickly if all they see is boring content!

But if all else fails? Fly away my frugal friends because we still need them 🙂

Sooo… how does this organic marketing help my biz?

It may be a little early for you to start paying for ads, but don’t let that stop your social media marketing efforts! You can (and should) still grow an audience and garner interest through organic means.

As someone who has started as a small business owner, you know that getting the word out about your company can be difficult without spending money on advertising. Luckily there’s an affordable way: organic marketing! By creating quality content and encouraging people to share it with their friends or family (by making sure posts are relevant & informative), you’ll create opportunities for those interested in what YOU have going on — which means more sales as well as customers who will tell others too…

Why not make your organic social media marketing more successful? Here are some hacks that you can use to create an entertaining strategy.

1) Showcase your expertise.

If you’re looking for a way to promote your expertise, then social media is the place. Share articles and images with followers that connect to what they post on their page! The more people see from YOU specifically when browsing through others’ content just might make them stop by again tomorrow or next week– so take advantage of being an expert at something right now while there are still fresh eyes scrolling over every tweet word-for backlinks waiting patiently…

Never underestimate the power of sharing your business. People are ALWAYS watching.

2) Find the right audience.

The best way to start social media is by finding your target audience and niche.

A lot of entrepreneurs worry about making sales but oftentimes forget selling it to the right people is what makes all the difference. This can oftentimes lead them down blind alleys as well! What many people don’t realize though…is just how important having exactly who your audience is really saves time during branding efforts because if there are already engaged audiences out there interested enough in whatever project you have, then chances are that they will also be the customers that you will be having as you move forward.

Finding your niche and target audience assures you that your content will be appreciated by those looking for it. This gives you more confidence in what you create, which is crucial when you’re trying to make an impression with potential customers.

One trick I use – is to specify in my posts or articles: “Hey Moms! This is for you…” or “This is PERFECT for business owners”

By adding the intended audience to the post itself – I’m more likely to attract the target.

Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy

3) Focus on quality.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: The best posts are the ones that are high qualit with a call-to-action. You know, those things where there’s an offer or opportunity for your audience to do something specific? A great post will always have features like these because it makes them even more engaging than they already were! So make sure every single thing about what posting – including calls to action (CTAs) and clear requests of feedback/actions from readers is awesome before publishing…or else face dire consequences like someone not reading my updates ever again…

If you need some ideas for CTA’s – we have a guide with over 105 different ideas for you. You can download it for free – right here. 

4) Don’t be too salesy.

One of the most important things about social media is to make sure that you’re being SOCIAL – not salesy. If you’re not being social, then no one else will be either and their engagement with your brand could decline dramatically! You don’t have to push anything there– just answer any questions or chat up potential customers if they seem interested enough already (and remember: being witty helps).

5) Use hashtags wisely.

We typically recommend hashtags on certain platforms that truly leverage their power. You’ll get the best results with hashtags on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter.

I like to think of hashtags as a way to “categorize” your content. Meaning – if you have a post about fitness – you’ll want to leverage the hashtags people who are interested in fitness are using. Look at this from the eyes of your consumer.

The right hashtags can make or break your post. Make sure you use them in a way that will be engaging for the reader. Research your hashtags using tools like “Display Purposes” or “Rite Tag” to find the best hashtags to attract your audience.

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags but that doesn’t mean you need to use that many. It’s more important to focus on the quality of the hashtag than the quantity.

6) Be yourself.

A huge part of building an organic social media marketing strategy is about relationships. You know who you are, so give your followers a chance to get an idea of what it’s like to do business with you. At times we can be afraid of being ourselves-but at least once a day take time out for some self expression! The best way? Posting your own photos or videos with your own thoughts.

People will be drawn to you so be real and be social.

7) Fuel engagement with contests and giveaways.

Not yet ready to spend money on gaining likes, followers and shares? You can use contests as a gateway!

If you have any products or services you can give away – this is a great way to spark some engagement AND attract a larger audience. Plus – you’ll be sure to attract people who are interested in what you’re selling which is a BONUS!

8) Be on trend.

One of the best ways to stay on top of trends in your industry is by paying attention not only to what’s going down right now, but also looking back at how it used to be. You can use this knowledge when sharing content with potential customers and fans through social media channels like Facebook or Twitter because people will want up-to-date information about anything they see pop up online!

There’s a few tools out there you can use to stay up to date with trending topics. There’s google alerts, trending topics on Twitter, and a variety of other tools you can leverage to stay up to date with the latest industry news.

9) Respond right away!

When people leave comments on your page, make sure you know how to respond in a timely manner. If someone asks about the latest post or product that they saw from you, address their concern within 24 hours; otherwise it could seem like you don’t care about customers who are reading what’s going on here!


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10) Be Consistent.

Arguably one of the most important parts to building an organic social media marketing strategy is to be consistent across the board. Post consistency will make or break you so you HAVE to show up every day. That may sound intimidating but it’s one of the most powerful tools you can add to your toolbox.

What happens when you’re not consistent is you’ll start to see your reach and engagement drop.

The social networks reward you for posting consistently so the more frequent you post – the higher your reach will be.

We use an AMAZING tool called TASSI to post all of our Facebook posts. It takes an hour a month to get over 60 posts scheduled to our Facebook page and let me just tell you – it’s a TOTAL game changer.


11) Embrace feedback.

We all know that social media is an important part of modern life, but did you also realize how easy it can be for businesses to take advantage?

The best way to get feedback on your company and products from customers is by asking them directly in their online spaces. With today’s smartphones being so prevalent among people across the globe—businesses need only look at their own demographics map or use Facebook advertising tools if they don’t have any yet! Just ask questions like “What do I love about_______?” This will not only help with customer satisfaction ratings, but generate some serious engagement rates which could lead into future sales down the line too!

Plus – your audience will appreciate that you’re open to listening to them and it will help you build a know/like/trust factor that is imperitive for a successful business.

12) Make use of social listening and analytics to your advantage.

You might think marketing is all about presenting your product, but it’s just as important to know what people want and need. Social media networks are a great way of getting access into the lives of those who have never heard from or seen you before – so learn how they communicate! Analytics will show when there’s the best time for posting based on engagement rate- which posts get more interactions?

To start off with some basics: listen first…analytics tells us everything we’d ever want today about where our target audience shops online (or anywhere!), their favorite brands/products etc., then offer them something new at an affordable price.

Use tools like “Answer the Public” or “Also Asked” to see what other questions your audience has around your business. By providing content related to what they’re searching – you can build trust and attract a valuable customer base that’s targeted and more likely to take action.

13) Maximize your resources.

Social media is a great opportunity for you to show what your brand is really like.

Show off your business, show off your employees, show off your customers! We call this “User Generated Content” which means content generated by your users. (Pretty self explanatory)

If you can incentivize your customers or employees to post about your business – you can use those posts as your own highlighting other people’s experience with your brand.

Always look for opportunities like this because they are super relatable for your audience and it’s rewarding for your customers to be highlighted creating a better brand experience.


14) Value creativity.

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like visuals, which is why the more creative visuals you produce depicting your products and services in action, the more it will make them much easier to sell. As people grow tired of reading online reviews or hearing about other companies’ success stories from afar; they’re looking for that personal touch!

The visual nature often captures attention better than text-based material because we want everything our customers see when browsing through social media channels–and pictures speak louder than words. People are much more likely to engage with your company when they see what their product looks like and how it functions in reality rather than just reading about them online or hearing from others who have used services/products before – even if those testimonials are true!

15) Asking for help won’t hurt!

Social media can be a lot of fun, but it takes some know-how to get the most out of these platforms. However you don’t have to do everything yourself! Your friends and family are probably more than happy with helping spread your message on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram while giving them perks in return.

Once you feel like your company is ready to take the next step, it’s time for paid ads. But don’t forget that organic social media marketing can be a great way to get started without spending too much money at first – just make sure YOU spend some time learning about how it works before investing your time or money  into any campaigns!

If something isn’t going well, try a new strategy until you find what’s right for your business! You never know when one post could go viral and bring in more traffic than all previous efforts combined.


Creating an organic social media marketing strategy is truly a valuable marketing journey that has endless ideas to help you generate more exposure, traffic, and most importantly – an audience that’s interested in your products.

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Organic Social Media Marketing Strategy





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