10 Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021

Top 10 Marketing Strategies to Try in 2022

Welcome to 2022! We learned a LOT about consumer behavior over the last year and where most businesses were scrambling, was in trying to figure out the best approach to move forward online.

After monitoring the moves that businesses were making, testing our own strategies, and seeing the trending marketing strategies, I dove in to choose my TOP 10 Marketing Strategies for you to try in 2022.

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Cliff Notes Version:

One thing for you to really nail down will be your SEARCH BASED CONTENT.

That’s your blogging, SEO, platforms like Pinterest and YouTube which are search based, even Instagram has a keyword search function now.

The closer you are to using the keywords your audience is searching for, the BETTER your results will be.

So, do your research! ✍️🧐

Use tools like:

▪️ Google Trends
▪️ Pinterest Keyword Manager
▪️ BuzzSumo
▪️ Answer the Public

Once you nail your keywords down, you’ll be able to attract your clients like magnets 🧲! Just let the search engines do the rest.

And don’t forget to include video 🎥 in your strategy.

Especially short, high value video like you’re seeing on REELS, TIKTOK, & STORIES.

These are ultra engaging & the platforms LOVE when you use them. (So use them! 😉)

💥BONUS TIP: You can (and should) repurpose your content and cross post these videos on multiple networks to expand your reach…with just 1 piece of content.

Here are my top 10 recommended marketing strategies for you to try in 2022👇

1 – Blogging & SEO – As mentioned above, content marketing soared last year. When most people pulled their ad dollars due to the pandemic, they looked for alternate (more affordable) options to continuously market their businesses.

The reason I LOVE this strategy for you moving forward is because content marketing is evergreen – meaning, it lives and works for you – in perpetuity. Create 1 blog post one time and you can share it on social media forever, it can be found on google forever, it can bring you leads forever, traffic forever, and if done correctly – sales…forever.


Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021


2 – Multi-Platform Omnipresence – You NEED to be on multiple platforms. I love the idea of doing one thing and doing it well – however, you’re missing an opportunity to diversify your presence, expand your reach, and grow a much larger audience.

The main focus of this strategy is going to be Omnipresence. You want to be everywhere your potential customers are.If they see you on Instagram, they should see you on Facebook with a retargeting ad, then in their email inbox with a newsletter.

By ensuring your presence on each platform – you’re building the know, like, and trust factor and THAT is worth it’s weight in gold.

3 – Monthly Paid Newsletters – These are making a HUGE comeback. In the beginning of internet marketing, these were a great monetization strategy. With more online courses and platforms – they fell into the background but with platfroms like Substack that make it SO easy to manage and execute, they’re soaring.

And people LOVE them.

If you want to explore a new monetization strategy, I highly encourage you to consider adding these in to your offers.

4 – Short, Value Packed Video – These are your Reels, TikTok’s, & Stories. These are skyrocketing for a few reasons.

1) The networks themselves LOVE them. They keep people on the platforms longer – so the social networks make more ad revenue – which means they push them more to their audiences.

2) Consumers LOVE them. It gives them a lot of value in a short period of time. They’re super easy to put together and highly engaging.

I tested a few of these out and let me show you the best performing results so you can see the full impact. We don’t have access to the granular data like how many profile clicks were generated from these – so keep in mind this is the vanity data. 

Instagram Reel – 12,300 Views, 365 Likes, 18 comments.
TikTok – 26,300 Views,  4,138 Likes, 142 comments.
Pinterest Story – 93,120 Impressions, 4,040 Clicks, 670 savesCheck them out below so you can see what they looked like:Instagram:


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5 – Repurposing Content – Cross posting your content should be a part of your daily mix. You don’t have to post each post on each platform every day – but I encourage you to mix it up.

Post a video on TikTok one day, upload it to your Instagram the next day, use it as a Pinterest story another day.

Typically you’ll have different audiences on each platform with a little bit of audience overlap so essentially – even though it’s one piece of content, it’s being seen by different audiences on each platform.

If you’re wondering how people feel about this – I polled our Marketing Solved group and asked for their input. You can see the overwhelming response was that people are not bothered by seeing the same content posted on multiple platforms.

Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021


6 – Search Based Platforms – These are platforms like Pinterst & YouTube where people can search for the content they’re looking for, vs Facebook where you see content posted recently in a feed.

We THRIVE off these platforms because we get laser focused on what keywords people are using to find us – and double down on the content we put out to magnetize our audience.

I can’t stress enough the importance of you testing these platforms out for your business.



7 – User Generated Content – Any content that people are creating on behalf of your business, should be leveraged into your marketing. If people take a picture with your book, they created a piece of content you can use to market your book.

If people are taking screenshots of your masterclass, they created a piece of content you can share to market your masterclass.

Find ways to encourage your audience to participate and brag about your business. This helps you get in front of THEIR audience, helps you promote your brand organically, and it builds a tighter knit community.


8 – Community Building – Speaking of community, THIS is where the money is going to be moving forward.

Can’t stress this enough. Build your audience, grow your email list, generate more engaged followers. This is the key that unlocks success and most people skip over it – don’t skip over it.


9 – Multiple Revenue Streams  – We’re always teaching people how to create new products, monetize, and build out multiple revenue streams. You HAVE to explore this if you haven’t already. If you need some ideas, we put together a quick graphic that you can review and we are constantly teaching this so be sure to explore our programs to get more info.


10 – Double Down on Creativity and STANDING OUT – I can’t stress this enough. You have to find ways to use strategies that are working, but make them your own.

Get outside of your comfort zone and start creating the kind of content you want to see in your industry.

It might work, it might now, but you’ll never find what DOES work, if you’re not willing to test it.

Now, if you found this helpful – below, I made a graphic you can easily pin to pinterest or save for future reference. 


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10 Marketing Strategies to Try in 2021

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