50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal

“How do I get more social media engagement? I need some engaging social media posts ideas!”

Hands down, the #1 question I’ve been asked in the 9 years I’ve worked with social media clients.

Social Media engagement is any type of interaction you have with your audience. That’s likes, clicks, comments, and shares.

Most Importantly…THIS is true social value. The more engagement you have, the more relationships you’re building, the more exposure people will have to your business, the more profitable your business will be.  

For that reason, engagement, is CRUCIAL for your business!

However, it can take quite a bit of time coming up with engaging content for you to post…so that’s why, we did it for you and we’ll share a tool with you that will do it for you ALL YEAR LONG! 

These engaging posts are PROVEN to work with any audience…


How To Use These Posts:

Add them to your monthly social media schedule. It’s important to remember – that these should be MIXED in to your schedule with a variety of other content like your promotions, value, blog posts, and videos.

Take a peek at our TASSI social media smart marketing calendar. This outlines exactly what to post and when. Plus, when to promote, grow your business, engage, etc…

You want to mix up your content so 80% of the time you’re building an audience and providing value, 20% of the time you’re making offers.

50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal

Don’t skip out on creating the calendar. If you don’t have a plan, you’ll never get where you want to go. If you can’t create your own, get the one inside of TASSI.

Preschedule Your Content:

We use TASSI to schedule social media posts. Because it gives you a smart marketing calendar telling you exactly what to post, when to post, when to promote, when to engage and more. PLUS it gives you unlimited access to content libraries. And allows you to preschedule months in advance with a system.

On average, business spend 6 hours a WEEK on social media. Creating a schedule. Writing Content and Creating graphics.

So, because that’s a ridiculous amount of time, we use TASSI and spend about an hour each MONTH. (That’s saving us a cool 20 hours a week on social media, #BOOM) 

It’s basically a done for you social media management system. 

50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal



We actually created TASSI. After working with thousands of social media clients, and spending countless hours managing our own social media and social media for others – The only DONE FOR YOU Social Media Management Software that gives you content and a system.

It’s the ultimate social media management tool for people who are doing it themselves and want to get massive results, quickly.

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There are other options when it comes to scheduling your social media. You can schedule direct on Facebook with their scheduling system. You can also use IFTTT to share your posts from Facebook directly to Twitter. (That’s what we did before TASSI)


Increase Your Engagement With These Posts:

Above all, be sure that once you get engagement, you engage BACK with your audience. If you start getting interaction, you need to comment back and start communicating with your audience! Remember – this is social media 😉 This also helps you increase your reach…and gets more engagement. Win – Win.

Sometimes, just dropping a funny GIF can be a fun way to engage back with people and keep the momentum going.


Personalize These Posts:

Remember to customize these engaging social media posts so they’re relevant to your audience.

You can switch out any of the suggested posts with something that your audience is more likely to interact with.

For example, if the suggested social media question is:

“What’s the best book you’ve ever read?”

You can personalize this by asking:

“What’s the best gardening book you’ve ever read?”
“What’s the best nutrition book you’ve ever read?”
“What’s the best personal development book you’ve ever read?”

Because of this personalization, these small tweaks will make a BIG impact with your audience since the question will be more related to them, they’ll be more likely to engage. 


When you use TASSI to post your pre-written engaging posts – TASSI also has a cool feature called “Re-Word This”

Select the topic or type of question you want to ask. Let’s say it’s a “Recommendation” type of post.

You can choose from the posts in the TASSI library, OR, if you don’t like it, you can “Re-Word This” and find one that’s more relevant. There’s literally endless options here for you so you’ll never run out of content and always have new and fresh engaging content!50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal

As you can tell, we love it and it makes our life a LOT easier.

For that reason, you’re going to get a list of engaging social media posts that are done for you so you can easily start increasing your reach and engagement on social media! You can schedule them to your calendar, preschedule them out, personalize them and start using social media to get more clients…and more sales.

I pulled 50 of our popular Engaging Posts to Post on Social Media from TASSI, completely done and created for you to use!

Here are 50 Done For You Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media:

Recommendations Needed: 

1. I am looking for a new TV show recommendation; have you watched anything lately that you’ve loved?

2. I am looking for a movie recommendation, have you read anything lately that you’ve loved?

3. What’s your favorite motivational quote? I could use a little kick today.

4. What’s the best book you’ve ever read? I need some new suggestions?

5. What is your favorite coffee drink?

6. What’s your favorite software or tool that makes your life easy?

7. What’s your favorite recipe? I need dinner ideas.

8. What’s your best tip for keeping yourself organized? I need help 🙂

9. What’s your favorite social network?

10. Who’s your favorite person to follow online? I’m looking for some inspiration!

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Would You Rather: 

11. You can only choose 1. Would you rather have Facebook or Instagram?

12. Would you rather have coffee or tea for the rest of your life?

13. You can only choose 1. Would you rather have Netflix or Amazon?

14. Would you rather have a personal chef or a maid?

15. Would you rather be hot or cold all the time?

16. Would you rather have no internet or no phone?

17. Would you rather have a pet panda or a pet kangaroo?

18. Would you rather be invisible or read minds?

19. Would you rather win a car or win a vacation?

20. Would you rather meet Oprah or Tony Robbins?

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What’s Better?

21. New York, or Paris?

22. Thanksgiving or Christmas?

23. Pandora or Spotify?

24. Real Books or E-books?

25. Beach or Mountains?

26. MAC or PC?

27. Coffee or Tea?

28. Amazon or Netflix?

29. Hot or Cold?

30. Movies or Music?

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Get To Know You Questions

31. What’s your favorite song?

32. What’s your favorite movie?

33. If you could have any car, what would it be?

34. Do you have a favorite charity?

35. How long have you been an Entrepreneur?

36. If you could live anywhere in the world, what would it be?

37. Do you have a cat or dog?

38. What’s the weather like where you live?

39. Where’s your favorite place to travel?

30. What’s the worst advice you’ve ever received?

41. What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

42. If you could go back to your 21 year old self, what would you tell yourself?

43. What’s the first thing you’d do if you won the lotto?

44. How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?

45. What’s a movie that you know all the words to?

46. Who is someone you look up to?

47. What sport are you in to?

48. What’s something silly that you’re afraid of?

49. What’s a word people use to describe you?

50. What was your first job?

There you have 50 question you can post on social media to SKYROCKET your engagement.


50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal / Social Media Engagement Post Ideas
50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal / Social Media Engagement Post Ideas / Questions to Ask on Facebook for Engagement
50 Engaging Posts To Post on Social Media That You Can Steal / Engagement Questions For Facebook / Engaging Social Media Post Ideas


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