50 Easy Ways to Make Money with Digital Products

If you’re not making money with digital products in 2024, you’re missing out big time. The internet has opened up unlimited income opportunities to make money with digital products that weren’t possible even 10 years ago.

And the best part? You can get started with almost no upfront investment.

I’m about to show you 50 insanely easy ways to cash in by creating and selling digital goods.

If you’re new to digital products, let me give you a little background.

Selling digital products is a modern day gold rush.

The expenses are tiny compared to physical product businesses, but yet, the profit margins are huge. All you need is a computer and internet access. You can run it from a beach, a coffee shop, literally wherever. And having social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok give you FREE opportunities to reach millions of buyers.

Plus, digital products can be created once and sold infinitely with zero extra costs. Once the hard work is done upfront, you’re printing cash on autopilot every time something sells. It’s like having money fairies working for you around the clock.

While you’re here, download this free guide and learn how to build an online business selling digital products…that’s completely automated.

Still skeptical? Let me share some insider tips for you with some proof this model works.

We have generated over millions of dollars from selling digital courses, ebooks, and templates online. And we are far from the only ones crushing it – the e-learning / digital product industry alone is set to hit $325 billion by 2025 as more people discover the possibilities.

While the masses stress about recessions and getting laid off, digital CEOs like us are setting up businesses and new products without even leaving the house.

If you’re interested and want to explore what kind of digital products are easy to create and easy to sell, then this is for you.

Each one of these could potentially generate a 5 or even 6-figure side business for you with the upfront investment of time and effort.

And remember, your digital product doesn’t have to sell millions in order for it to be profitable to you.

Even an extra hundred dollars can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Let’s jump in to 50 Easy Ways to Make Money with Digital Products:

  1. Create and sell eBooks on niche topics.
  2. Offer online courses or tutorials.
  3. Design and sell printables like planners or artwork.
  4. Sell digital templates for resumes, invoices, etc.
  5. Develop and sell stock photos or graphics.
  6. Offer digital music or sound effects.
  7. Create and sell custom fonts.
  8. Sell digital knitting or crochet patterns.
  9. Offer digital sewing patterns.
  10. Design and sell website themes or templates.
  11. Create and sell mobile app templates.
  12. Offer digital budgeting spreadsheets.
  13. Sell meal planning templates or guides.
  14. Create and sell digital scrapbooking kits.
  15. Offer digital journaling templates.
  16. Design and sell social media graphics.
  17. Offer digital invitations or greeting cards.
  18. Create and sell printable coloring pages.
  19. Offer digital productivity tools.
  20. Sell digital marketing templates.
  21. Create and sell virtual event planning guides.
  22. Offer digital fitness or workout plans.
  23. Sell digital recipe books or meal plans.
  24. Create and sell digital art prints.
  25. Offer digital knitting or crochet tutorials.
  26. Sell digital sewing tutorials.
  27. Create and sell digital photography presets.
  28. Offer digital calligraphy tutorials or templates.
  29. Sell digital woodworking plans.
  30. Create and sell digital pet care guides.
  31. Offer digital gardening guides or templates.
  32. Sell digital language learning resources.
  33. Create and sell digital planners.
  34. Offer digital home organization guides.
  35. Sell digital wedding planning templates.
  36. Create and sell digital travel guides.
  37. Offer digital DIY home improvement guides.
  38. Sell digital health and wellness guides.
  39. Create and sell digital finance trackers.
  40. Offer digital self-care guides or templates.
  41. Sell digital graphic design resources.
  42. Create and sell digital study guides.
  43. Offer digital parenting guides or printables.
  44. Sell digital skincare routines or guides.
  45. Create and sell digital meditation guides.
  46. Offer digital bookkeeping templates.
  47. Sell digital educational printables.
  48. Create and sell digital event planning guides.
  49. Offer digital photography tutorials.
  50. Sell digital stock footage or video clips.

If you’re the Image type, here’s an image for the:

There you have it – 50 easy-peasy ideas to start generating some revenue from digital products.

Remember, like anything, selling digital products to make money is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It will require work, effort, and time. Whether you decide to create your own digital products or become an affiliate and sell other people’s digital products, you can get started easily and scale from there.

Real long-term success always requires effort and execution. Compared to the risks of starting a traditional business, pursuing digital products is a total no-brainer.

Download this free guide and learn how to build an online business selling digital products…that’s completely automated.

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