Why Having Haters in Business is a Good Thing

At one point or another, you may experience Haters in your business. Before we dive in to why this could be a  GOOD thing, let’s define what a hater actually is.

 a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

By this definition, a hater is someone who is expressing dislike for you or something you’ve done. Maybe even your entire business. This usually manifests with a hater leaving a rude comment, tweet, or sending off an email expressing their criticism.

While getting your first hater can feel a bit crushing, it’s important to remember these types of people are EVERYWHERE and no matter what you do, you can not, nor will you, be able to please everyone. And if you do, you’re probably not getting in front of enough people.

So how on earth can having haters be a good thing? 

Well, for starters it means you’re putting something out in the world and that is ALWAYS a good thing. Most people are paralyzed by fear and will never have the courage to create or share their greatness. If you do – then you’re already ahead of the game. Even if you’re met with criticism, focus on the fact that you’re at least trying!

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Second, and maybe the most common is to understand that haters often times are hating on you because of how your success, business, or actions make them feel. Likely, if it’s someone who knows you – they’re hating on you to downplay your success in the beliefs that it’s going to make them feel better.

Remember this: If people are trying to bring you down, they’re already below you.

Haters can also be an insight into what others may be perceiving of you.

Think about what you can learn from what they’re saying. There might not always be a lesson with their criticism but sometimes there may be something buried in there that you can use to your advantage. Whether it’s bettering your products or services or finding a new way to position or package your offers, be open to seeking a golden nugget out of their dislike.

Why Having Haters in Business is a Good Thing

Haters are inevitable but that doesn’t mean they have to get you down. You only allow them any power if you let them affect you and YOU don’t have to. With success and visibility comes an entire world of people who may not like you. And that’s ok!

Shift your focus on the ones that do and realize that having haters means you are doing something right!

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