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Facebook Ads Tutorial

Facebook Ads are one of my favorite ways to grow a business. They’re almost always my first plan of attack when it comes to marketing because, well, because they work! If you know what you’re doing.

The most important part when it comes to Facebook ads is your targeting.  You HAVE to get in front of the right audience with the RIGHT messaging intended for them. That’s a combination that is sure to convert. For most advertisers, they stick to the basics of what they’ve been told, target “Interest” pages that have the fans that you want to reach. I absolutely agree with that statement…HOWEVER, what I share in this video is going to show you how to take that to the next level.

I uncovered quite a bit of new information about my fellow advertisers and it helped me make better decisions for my business and I immediately saw better Facebook ad results.

On the latest episode of Marketing TV, you’ll learn exactly how to research existing advertisers, find less competitive pages to target (cheaper ads!), how to find quality new pages to target, and a few extra tips on how to BE DIFFERENT than everyone else using Facebook ads.


Here’s a breakdown of the tips mentioned in the video:

1) Review other advertisers ads – use this knowledge to better your ads, brainstorm new targeting, and use the data to your advantage.

2) Use your Ad Options!

* Existing Fans – People who already like your page

* New Fans – People who do not already like your page

* Demographics – Gender, Age, Location

* Behaviors – Type of car they drive, type of car they own, Facebook Page administrator

* Interests – Pages people like

* Existing Email Subscribers

*Website Traffic – People visiting your website or even a Specific Web Page

* Lookalike Audiences – Audiences that are similar to any audience defined above

3) Use Facebook Graph Search

4) Review Pages Liked by Popular Pages 

5) Use Audience Insights in Ad Tools

6) Use Ad Recommendations 

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