Interesting Gifts For Your Business Clients That Won’t Break The Bank

Clients are a fundamental part of any business.  A well-crafted gift is a way to showcase appreciation in a very humane and natural way. Gifts can highlight the importance of the connection you share with the people that like and trust your company and brand. Whether you’re just starting out or you run a multi-million dollar enterprise, interesting gifts will always make your clients feel appreciated. Here are some ideas you might want to consider that won’t break the bank.


Both self-help and business-related books are an excellent gift idea. Many clients will appreciate an interesting read!  However, be sure you know your client well as they will be much more likely to read a book that caters to their interest.  Consider recently-released, best-selling books and make them feel valued.

Wine bottles

Offering fine wine is yet another interesting type of gift that your client will appreciate. If you can’t afford to invest in a rare vintage that costs thousands, stick to fair priced bottles that are qualitative. Better yet, you can opt for an artful wine bottle. Speak Wines, for example, has a wide variety of award-winning wines, and prices start at $25. To stand out even more, you can opt for a customized wine bottle. This form of gift will definitely appeal to your clients.

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Edible arrangements

Go beyond the mere concept of a gift basket. Express your gratitude with a personalized edible gift. Edible Arrangements is a company that makes beautiful fruit-based concoctions that come in different shapes and are dipped in delicious chocolate. Make sure your gift comes with a personal note to make yourself appear even more original.


Some of your clients may not appreciate a book. But, they might love a Kindle e-reader. Such a smart device comes with Wi-Fi, as well as the option to download thousands of books. Opt for a device that is qualitative, and make sure that your chosen product has a life battery that spans on weeks. The market is full of e-readers out there. Invest in the one that best matches with the expectations of your business clients.

Gift card

There’s no better way to show your gratitude than with a gift card. Just think about it: you’re allowing the client to use the card and buy something that actually entices them. Amazon has lots of gift cards you can choose from for your clients.  You are placing you client in control of getting exactly what they want, anything from books to devices to live events are options for them!


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Business card holder

Handmade products are truly beautiful. They especially make excellent gifts for clients!  A customized business card holder is functional, but also stylish. It can be placed on a desk, and if you choose a simple wooden design you have the best chances of making an impression. To make your gift look more personal, you can engrave it with your client’s name. It may not look like the most expensive gift, but it has impact.

Business pen

Business pens are in trend these days and the price points vary almost as much as a bottle of wine!  If you can’t afford to invest in a golden pen, that is ok! The web is your oyster. You have plenty of options you can choose from. Starting from exclusive silver pens all the way to customized options. Corporate gift pens come in very nice boxes. They can be etched or engraved, so that your client can feel special and unique. Once again, pens are functional gifts that people use on a daily basis. If you want yours to make an impression, you have to focus on offering the best on the market or cleaverly personalized.

The bottom line is, if you’re someone who cares about the wellbeing of your clientele, you have to look out for them. Show them that they matter and send them gifts that are interesting and fun. They’ll definitely be happier to receive them, and with a bit of luck, they will keep your business in mind when investing or buying.


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