3 Things to Help You Take Action as an Entrepreneur

If you were to really stretch yourself, what is it you would really want? What would you want to be doing? What would you want to have? Who would you want to be? Who do you need to be, and what do you need to do to get there? Take a second to really dig deep and think about it. Are you happy with things the way they currently are?

I know you’ve been hiding behind your computer with a million thoughts and ideas rolling around in your head and you’re overwhelmed. “Why me? Why should I do this? Can I do it? Am I good enough? There’s already something similar out there. Confidence has gone out the window. Personal branding? What is that? Oh look at how successful she is. I want that success!” Trust me, I’ve been there. Well NEWS FLASH. Perusing through others’ success on Facebook does NOT count as a money-making activity. (I know, I was disappointed when I realized that too).

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The difference between that person’s Instagram and website you’ve been scrolling through all day and you, is they took action. They worked at it. They dug deep and saw their success. Success starts with you. Do what you say you will and you will be great. No one can do it the way that you can. You are 110% capable of creating the life, the business, and the impact that you want to create in the world. Write down your WHY. The purpose or belief that inspires you to do what you do. This has to be stronger than anything else. Having a solid strategy with goals broken up into days, weeks, months and years will keep you moving forward. I generally recommend breaking things up into both weekly and 90-day goals.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the scariest and most exciting things you can do for yourself. So grab a big cup of coffee, lots of pen and paper and make sure to surround yourself with those who support you.

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Are you ready to take action?! Start with these three things: The Big Idea, The Brand, & The Marketing.

1. The Big Idea: You know what it is, now get it down on paper! If you don’t, write down 5 things you absolutely love doing, what lights you up?! Find that sweet spot and get super specific with your target market. If you try to talk to everyone, you will get nowhere so don’t make it super broad. Get to know your ideal client really well, what is missing from their life or business that will have them kicking down your door? Interview potential clients and do your research before you invest a lot of time and money so that you know people will buy your product.

2. The Brand: Make it stellar! Write down your brand mission and vision and get a consistent look (hire a designer to make you a logo and brand board to follow). Create a website and content that you and your clients love. Having an online presence with a brand that speaks to your clients is so important. And that keeps them coming back!

3. The Marketing: Get social! Social media has overtaken our world and it is time to take advantage of it! Do your research so you know where your ideal client is hanging out. This could be anything from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or LinkedIn. For example, if your ideal client is a busy mom, you will most likely find her on Pinterest. If they are business professionals working in the corporate world, then LinkedIn is your go to. Collaborate with others that complement your business or industry to help you get your name out there plus make a great connection! Start building your email list and sending out, it is a great way to get in front of your audience multiple times.

It is so exciting to take a stand for yourself and your business! Constantly build yourself up and don’t let others get in the way of the success you know you are meant for. Put motivational sticky notes on your mirror, print out your goals and stick them on your fridge, whatever works for you. Overcoming your mindset and fear is probably 80% of the battle. If you want to be phenomenal, build a mindset for success. Does it take time? Absolutely. Is it worth it? You tell me. Work on your dream. Don’t let fear get in your way. Don’t get comfortable. DISRUPT YOURSELF.

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