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Types of Content That Has the Power to Boost Your Traffic and Engagement

Are you looking for a way to boost visitor traffic and engagement on your business website? Although there is no shortcut, there are many ways to increase your reach and improve the reputation of your personal or business web page.

One thing that you must remember is that coming up with ideas is a very arduous process. Ideas do not just come out of thin air and when they do, there is usually no assurance that it will work. Most of the time, ideas fail. However, the great part about it is that people can never run out of ideas.

What type of content should you post on your website?

In order to drive more traffic towards your website, you must consider what to put and why you put it there. Different niches call for different audiences. That means that you have to cater to your clients or your chosen demographic. So what should you post? Here are some examples:

1. Educational content

The most searched for keywords on Google are about learning and how-tos. People want to know how to do things right or they just want an easy answer to a question that they search for quickly. Luckily, Google and other search engines prioritize helpful content, aside from news sites.

If you decide to use content marketing, make sure that you are able to give your audience a helpful cache of information that they can turn to. If it turns out that you become the number one source for that type of educational content, your site will earn more followers and your company or presence will gain more traction, leads, and increase in reputation.

2. Entertaining content

Aside from educational content, people just want to see something that makes them smile and laugh, or maybe even fascinate them. Although, this still depends on the type of entertainment your audience wants. The most popular type of entertainment is a comedy. If it does not correlate with the content of your business, you may not want to go towards that path.

If you ever end up turning to entertaining content, make sure that it is related to your business. Even if it is not funny, make sure that it is shareable. In order to determine that, ask yourself this question, “Would I watch this over and over again? Do I want my friends to see this too?” If the answer is yes, then go for it.

3. Conversion content

This may be your most important type of content yet. It is the basis of customer, client, and audience loyalty. Conversion content is meant to lead readers to act on your content, such as a call to action to subscribe to a newsletter, buy a product, attend an event, or support a cause.

It is a tricky type of piece because people do not like being told what to do. To ensure that you get the most out of conversion content, make sure that you market the heck out of what you want to do using tools like videos, infographics, or endorsements from influencers.

4. Inspiring content

This type of content is something that most people wish to encounter on a daily basis. Once you post inspirational content on your website, it should be connected to other social media platforms as well. Use the right hashtags and tag relevant people or pages involved.

If you are a blogger, it’s pretty easy to market inspirational content. It feels personal and shows that you really care. Still, inspirational content is hard to market on a business website. It may seem callous for some, so the best way to do it would be to support a cause and post inspirational content about it.

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What content to use on your blog?

  1. Lists

Lists are easy to read and understand. The best way to format is by adding a brief description of each item. Lists can be made up of advice, items to use, links to other sources, or even statistics. Before creating a list, however, you must place the proper keywords in a synopsis or introduction like how we wrote this article.

  1. Infographics

Visuals are more enticing to readers since they contain fewer texts and more stimulating examples like drawings, graphs, and charts. It is best to use a simple palette that works in line with your website’s color scheme. The artistic design should also be related to your website, i.e. business infographics require clean images, while entertainment graphics can be more creative and fun to look at. Just do not forget to place meta tags on the image so it can still be searched for on Google and other engines.

  1. How-To Articles

There are too many how-to articles out there, but there can never be too many how-to questions. If you can write an original piece that stands out from the rest, your content will be much more searchable. If you need a completely original piece, you can always hire writers and check writing service review to help you create the original how-to articles.

  1. Case Studies

People want data. If you got if, flaunt it. It is best if you create your own case studies, but if you do not have the resources, you can always write about an existing one that is related to your company, personal blog, or small business.


  1. Personality Profiles

If your business can write about someone significant in your industry, do it! Human interest pieces are great reads, especially when you write about their accomplishments and recent news. When you have a piece of information that is really relevant and original, you can be the first one to post about it and it will be a great way to reel in curious fans of the personality you will write about.

  1. Interviews

Another way to make use of people as content resources are to conduct interviews. Readers want to know validated facts straight from the source, or at least read their opinions on things that matter to them. The ideal way to do this is by interviewing someone from your industry and making sure that you do not repeat any questions that they have been asked before.

  1. Reviews

Product and service reviews are also good reads. People want to know if something is good enough to buy or try. If you can give an in-depth review about a product or service, you will gain your readers’ trust and make new connections with the subject matter of your article in the process.

  1. Helpful Online Tools

Depending on your industry, you can write about online applications or websites that can connect people with your product. If you are in finance, write about finance apps. If you are a photographer, write about tutorials. The list goes on and on. It is up to you to choose the best ones out there and make sure that everyone wants a piece of these tools. By marketing it on your website, you may even get free subscriptions that you can give out.

Now that you know which types of content will boost your traffic, it is time for you to put it to the test. Try out any of these methods and tools so that you can achieve a wider reach. With a bigger audience, you can market your brand without having to pay for advertising and make more followers as well. Remember to practice these methods to ensure that your site stands out and that you can make a profit or a great reputation out of it.

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