Is Email Marketing the Most Profitable Automation for Small Business?

Nowadays when there is cut throat competition among all the different businesses, marketing plays a pivotal role. Digital marketing has literally overtaken the offline marketing practices. Out of all the marketing techniques that are being followed currently, e-mail has its own importance. Even though it’s an old marketing strategy it is still relevant. In recent times, as everything is getting automated so is email marketing.

Email marketing automation is an efficient way of bringing all your customers together and make them familiar with your products and services. Being a completely automated process, it is much better than the conventional email marketing techniques. If you want to have a better understanding of the latest techniques you can even opt for Email Marketing Training Course in Singapore.

In this post, I am going to showcase certain points which prove that email marketing is the most profitable automation for small businesses.

1. Grows Your Leads

By having an automated email marketing campaign in place a small business will be able to significantly grow its leads. This will be very importance for it as a business which is still at its initial stage would want that more and more customers become aware of its products and services. As the whole process is an automated one, all the messages that are related to your business will be sent on a timely basis. This will lead to wide range of audience becoming aware of your business that will be profitable for it.

2. Personalized Email Campaigns

One of the best features of automated email marketing is that it enables you to send personalized emails to your target audience. By personalizing the subject and the body of the email the open rates will be greatly increased. This will allow a small business owner to have a one on one communication with his customers. This is much better than the social media platforms as you are able to send your message directly to the customer whom you intend to.

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3. Target Your Customers

The main issue with social media platforms is that the user base has significantly increased in the past few years. Although it is a good thing, talking with respect to the small businesses the large user base prevents them from targeting their potential customers. These social media sites don’t give you a control over the reach frequency. But this is not the case with an email as your message will directly be delivered to your customer’s inbox.

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4. Segment Your Targeted Messages

With emails, you get the option to send messages that are location specific, on the basis of age, interests and gender. This will have a massive impact on the click through rate as you are able to target your customers in a planned manner. For any scale of business, it is really important that your services are intended towards the right people. As a small business owner, automated email marketing will do exactly this for you. Targeting the right customers at the right time is all that matters if a business wants to grow in the long run.

5. Allows You To Stay Connected With Your Customers

This is one of the standout features of automated email marketing. Staying in touch with your customers will make them feel that you care about them. By promoting your newly launched products there is a high chance that you will convert your visitors into potential customers. The automated email campaign will send personalized and targeted messages to all those people who sign up for the email newsletter.

6. Increases Visibility of Your Business

Most of the people regularly go through their emails. In some cases, even if a person doesn’t completely read an email he still has a glance over the title or the subject of it. So, this gives you an opportunity to increase the visibility of your business. Over time, when you keep on sending personalized emails, more people will be able to recognize your brand and feel connected with it. Ultimately, they would finally consider buying products from you.

7. It is Not That Expensive

When compared with other marketing techniques or strategies automated emails will not cost much to your business. Even when compared with sending manual emails, you will be able to save a lot of time and money that you would have invested in designing them. The only cost that is associated is that of an email automation software. However, seeing the benefits that automated emails give you the software cost will get totally sidelined.


Automated Email marketing campaigns can hugely benefit your small scale business. A number of business owners have already started to implement it in order to promote their business. There are various email marketing courses in Singapore which these business owners look forward to. This has given them a complete edge over their competitors and enables them to make a mark for their business.

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