Most businesses approach marketing from the same standpoint. They lead their marketing strategies by pushing their products or services with the overall goal of generating sales and income. And, rightfully so. If a business didn’t receive sales they wouldn’t be in business.

Although, the problem many businesses face is that their marketing becomes skewed. It leans towards  how clients can help you, instead of how you can help your clients with your products or services. Instead of conversions, businesses see potential clients walking away. Where are they going wrong and most importantly, how can they fix it?

The solution to the biggest marketing mistake most businesses make, is much simpler than you may think.

The secret to mastering your marketing is with your MESSAGING.

In order to effectively communicate your value proposition to potential customers, you need to show them why or how you can solve their problem. This is where you’ll be able to provide them with value. Show them exactly how your business can help them and why your products or services can help solve their problems.

Re-read that last paragraph.

The message priority is how to help “them” and “solve their problems.”  This simple power of persuasion evokes emotion. They have stumbled upon the answers to their problems! Of course they’re interested. You’ve made  a connection for them and that is the beginning step to generating more sales.

The beginning step…yes. This is just the beginning.

Once you have engaged peoples interest in your services or products, you have just done the first critical step in your marketing strategy. You have created a relationship. By telling them that you can solve their problems, they’re listening to you.

The next step is to engage with them. Give them a taste of what working with you is like. This is where you have the opportunity to really provide them with value and prove that you are an expert in your field. This can be done with sample of your product or service.

For example: If you’re a service provider, you can give them a free trial. Show them what your service would be like if they were to purchase it.

If you’re a consultant, give them a 20 minute free consultation.  

If you’re a product based business, give them examples of happy customers. You don’t have to give everyone a free product in order to provide them with value. Show them how your product has helped others. This will help them make the connection to how your product will help them. 

The relationship phase of your marketing plan should be an ongoing process. The facts are: people buy from people they know and trust.

In order to know and trust you, they need to know and trust you. Do this by providing value.

Are you beginning to see how this is different than getting their attention and immediately offering them your product with the opportunity for them to say yes or no? 

After you develop a relationship, you are then at a point where you can make your offer.

Again, keeping your messaging in mind, your offer needs to be centered around helping them…not working with you.

Continue to engage your possible clients and provide them with value. If they’re not ready to purchase when you make your offer, that doesn’t mean they never want to buy from you. It may mean the timing isn’t right or they’re just not ready. That’s ok! The relationship doesn’t stop there.

Keep your communication open with them and continue to demonstrate your value. When they’re ready, you’ll be ready.

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