The Importance of Social Media Marketing

If you agree that the world is more connected than it was a few decades ago. Then I’d bet you would win tons of money with your million dollar answer –the world is virtually connected on social network(s). Strangely, though, the discovery has been gathering dust for a few years now; that businesses almost forgot the relevance of inhabiting social media sites.

The discussion still rages on, however, on the significance of social media sites. Plainly, some entrepreneurs have been fortunate enough with social media while others can’t seem to get it right. Of course, you and I know that mounting a social media onslaught is not rocket science. But how comes the statistics don’t favor the larger population? That’s a discussion for another day.

For now, we are going to discuss the importance of using social media as an extension of your marketing onslaught or rather incorporating social media sites in your marketing strategy. There are a number of ways that you can look at it depending on what you wish to achieve. However, the bottom line remains the same; increasing sales is the ultimate winner. Irrespective of the kind of trade you will be engaging in, at the end of the day we all wish to make ends meet.

If you are not increasing conversions and sales, you need to reflect and redefine your social media campaign. Here lies the problem, technology is a fast lane, and there is no better place that this statement holds true than in Silicon Valley. I mean, they are churning out socially oriented startups as fast as you can say millionaires. Indeed, social media sites have made more millionaires than any other industry especially in the past decade. But can the profits be shared with businesses represented there as well?

Importance of social media marketing 

As I stated earlier, I am going to refrain from getting into details on how to strategize on a social media campaign. Instead, this post will highlight the importance of having a presence on social media sites.

Increase brand recognition

What kind of business are you engaged in? It doesn’t matter whether you are leading a multinational or you are making your baby steps with your startup or like me, you are involved in online marketing. There is something for everyone on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest. With a presence in most if not all social media sites, you are bound to increase your brand recognition.

In the past, I have gotten to know of relatively new brands through my Facebook newsfeed. I am sure you too, might have learned of a new product and brand as well through a social media platform. Now can you imagine a scenario whereby you are placing your bet on million plus users? Of course, the numbers will be limited at first but as you grow; your brand recognition grows as well

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Improve brand loyalty

How do you improve brand loyalty on social media sites? You simply employ the tools provided by the social media platforms. In fact, if you approach the entire social media marketing strategy with optimism and business tactics, you will make the interaction more social for your customers.

You can introduce a helpline where customers can engage with the brand on a social level. If the social media campaign is effective enough, it will motivate customers to become loyal supporters of your profitable cause.

Conversions are imminent

Conversions are quite important when dealing with social media sites. If you post something on social media it will reach your existing customers, new customers, and potential customers. With that said, the aftermath is nothing short of notable conversions.

Of course, there are factors that will affect the outcome. However, any post, image or video should have a link to your website since a customer might end up there subsequently converting. Although, not all form of social media sites interactions will lead to a conversion but when they do make sure they are impactful on your business.

What about the brand authority?

Social media sites have a role in solidifying the brand authority. Typically, customers perceive any form of social media interaction as a show of good faith.

In essence, they have found a platform to expresses most of their feelings which extends to their favorite brand. Consequently, the customers will brag or invoke their confidence in a brand they are proud of on social media.

In effect, the brand they share among their followers would increase its authority. Now, it’s more advantageous to your brand if customers are willingly sharing of its excellence on social media. Increased inbound traffic In most cases

Inbound traffic

Tends to be limited without social media sites. How’s that you ask? Well, in the absence of social media sites, inbound traffic can only be identified to people searching on keywords you’ve ranked for or people who are already aware of the existence of your brand.

The more social media profiles you add to your resume, the more paths you create that can directly lead to your site. Furthermore, content is a major factor in inbound traffic. This means that the high-quality content you syndicate on your social media profile is another opportunity for new visitors.

With an increase in the syndicated content, the inbound traffic also moves in equal measures vertically –more traffic leads to more leads and more conversions.

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Reduced marketing costs

In most businesses, marketing eats away at a large chunk of the budget but social media sites and maybe, just maybe there is hope. Obviously, advertising on Facebook is cheaper than on Google. Unpredictably, though the rates might increase as the urge to make more profits kicks in.

At the moment, however, marketing has become cheaper especially with the relatively free flowing following offered by the large numbers of people represented on social media.

In any case, the efforts required to mount a social media onslaught is less than in organizing traditional forms of marketing. Within a few hours, you can be able to create or source for content, as well as the syndication strategy. However, the universal rule of “starting small” still applies here, and you shouldn’t ignore this healthy principle.

Better performance with your search engine ranking

Search engine optimization (SEO) is entirely blamed for the success or failure of a search engine ranking. Of course, social media sites have taken up the space of the new kid on the block in this regard. How much effort can you channel into search engine rankings through social media? A lot actually; search engines are not blind of your social media presence.

In fact, a social media presence is in consideration during ranking. This strategy begins with optimizing your blog while the links to social media acts as strengthening factors. By now, you should be having regular parties with your search engine friends. While we are at it, it’s good to mention that the social media presence increase credibility, trustworthiness, and legitimacy.

What about the customer experience?

I can’t reiterate further the importance of good customer relations to any form of business. How do you interact with your customers? There are a myriad of methods that can be used to communicate with your clients including phone calls, emails, and Social media. The social aspect found on social media sites is unparalleled. The customers’ expectations are supposed to be met and not the other way round.

If you are keen on satisfying your customers, you will lend them your ears especially on such platforms as these. From experience, it’s evident that most customers tend to vent their anger through social media sites. As such, you need to ensure that there is someone to receive this complaint as they take the action necessary in such a situation. In a different scenario, the customer might be commending your business and its right to thank them for the compliment.

Improved customer insight

You can learn a lot about what your customers think about you through social media sites. On social media platforms, customers are totally blunt on how they feel about something.

If they do not like one of your products, you will definitely know about it. In addition, you can be able to differentiate between the popular content and the boring content. You are also able to measure conversion through a myriad of promotions placed on your social media platforms. It is from such findings that you create the right channels for generating profits.

Conclusion As we are having this conversation, your competition is already represented on social media. In short, you need to start your social media campaign if you haven’t started already. Moreover, there is nothing to lose if you start out with the campaign. You can share your experience with the social media marketing in the comments section below.

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