How to Generate 40 Leads Per Day For FREE

Want to generate more leads in your business, for free?

There’s also a free gift for you that you can grab in this article. 

I’ll cut straight to the chase here. We went back and reviewed our email list growth and discovered that on average, we generate 48 leads. Per Day. (Again, this is average daily growth, over 1 year) 

Here’s where it gets interesting, they’re all free.

Full Disclosure: This year, we ran zero ads for Marketing Solved. We DID run ads for our software, TASSI. 

The strategies you will learn are completely organic…and they work!

Here’s what you do:

1. Start by having some high quality free offers.  These free offers should be something that people would be willing to exchange their personal info with you for.Think about that for yourself…what would you be willing to give away your email address or your phone number for? It would have to be something good, right?

Now, think of something your potential customers would REALLY want, now, give it to them for free in exchange for their personal info.

Things you could give away for free:

  • PDF / Free Report
  • Case Study
  • Free Guide
  • Coupon / Discount
  • Video Series
  • Books / E-books
  • Free Challenge
  • Free Product
  • Free Consultation / Estimate

There’s just a few ideas.

One of our most popular free offers is this “Welcome Pack of Resources” 

Keep in mind, your offer should be: 

  1. Relevant to your buyers (The demand will result in higher lead generation)
  2. Relevant to what you sell (The relevancy will make it more likely for them to buy)
  3. High Quality (The higher the value, the higher the conversion)
  4. Something unique that your competition isn’t offering (This deserves its own full article but for now, just focus on setting yourself apart)

Once you have laser focused on your offer, here’s your next step.

2. Create Multiple Offers

You didn’t think there it was going to be one and done, did you? Hehe, it never is. 😉

Here’s where you’ll (again) set yourself apart from your competition.

Create multiple offers.

Have a PDF…AND an E-book…AND a Free Challenge…AND a Discount. 

The more offers you have, the more you’ll be able to share them, rotate through them, AND appeal to individuals with different interests.

That’s part of the magic. 

One potential customer might not want to do your free challenge, but they may be interested in your PDF.

If you only have one offer, you’ll lose leads by not having other offers.


3. Put Your Offers Everywhere

A HUGE mistake people are making is NOT placing their free offers in as many locations as possible.

You want to capitalize on every customer touch point you have so if they’re looking at your Facebook, they can get your offer.

If they’re looking at your website, they can get your offer.

If they’re looking at your Pinterest, or Instagram, or blog article, they can get your offer.

Here’s a FREE GUIDE that shows you the 25 places you’re missing leads. Grab it and place your opt in in ALL these locations to skyrocket your lead generation!

Image of Guide to download that shows 25 places you're missing leads.


4. Segment Your Offers 

Ok, this one might be my favorite tip of all. The easiest way to break this down is to share our strategy and some examples with you.

The idea is to make the right offers to the right audiences. We have multiple offers…and multiple products. We mostly sell courses, masterclasses, and our monthly membership. BUT, we also have a social media software, TASSI.

If someone is reading an article about Pinterest, they might not be interested in hearing about TASSI. Here’s where segmenting comes in to play.

We use our Pinterest content to share our PINTEREST OFFERS. 

We use our social media content to share our TASSI offers. 

We segment our offers to be directly in front of the right audience.


If you go to this article:  TASSI: The Best Social Media Scheduler for Small Businesses

You’ll notice that the offer we have on that article is specific to TASSI and social media automation. (Here’s the actual pop-up)

IF we made a Pinterest offer on that post, we would have a lower conversion because the offer doesn’t match what the reader is looking for.

To increase your conversions, you need to match your offers to the right audience. 


These 4 tips are simple, right? What’s great is that they’re simple AND they work. They work FOR YOU. 


Make sure you grab the FREE GUIDE: 25 PLACES YOU’RE MISSING LEADS! 

Graphic image offering free guide to download for 25 places you're missing leads


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If you’re into video, here’s a quick on How To Get More Leads In Your Business

How to Generate 40 Leads Per Day For Free // Grow Email List // Lead Generation
How to Generate 40 Leads Per Day For Free // Email List Building //How to Grow Your Email List
How to Generate 40 Leads Per Day For Free // Grow Email List // Email List Building

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