How to Create a Website That Helps to Boost Your Sales

A website is undeniably a requirement for any business, no matter whether you’re a start-up who’s only just recently commenced operation within your local neighborhood, or you’re one of the top players in your industry. It is an excellent way for you to reach a broader audience and create avenues for the public to purchase your products and services – especially for those who cannot physically access your store. Earning a profit is a top priority in any business after all – and yes, your website can help you achieve this.

You might already have your business’ website set-up, but simply having one is not a sole guarantee that your profits will increase over time. If you are still struggling to make sales online even with the presence of a website, then these pointers are designed to help:

1. Highlight customer feedback

Businesses can offer the same set of products and services to their clients, but what makes one business stand out from the others is how they treat and satisfy their customers. In today’s era, positive customer feedback can be a deciding factor for prospects to choose to use your business, or a competitor. It can also be very beneficial to your business’ positive brand image, if a large number of customers can testify to how reliable your products or services are.
When creating your website, it’s also a good idea to make sure that there is a section dedicated to customer feedback. Pictures of these existing customers can also be posted on the site for added authenticity.

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2. Offer a money-back guarantee

One of the main reasons why customers are hesitant to make a purchase – especially online – is because they see this action as a risk. It’s not uncommon for customers to ask themselves the questions, “What if I don’t like the product?” or “What if it doesn’t work for me?”. All of these uncertainties can discourage your customers from buying. To mitigate this, feature a bulletproof money-back guarantee prominently on your website. The more risk you remove from the customer’s mind, the more likely they are to purchase from you.

3. Provide several payment options

Yes, your website accepts payments made through Paypal and major credit cards. But what about Google Wallet? ApplePay?

As a business owner, it’s important to educate yourself on the different ways that customers like to pay for their online purchases. It’s going to be easier for your customers to entrust their money to you if there is more than one way of going about it. Remember, your customers are living in different locations, all around the world, and no one payment method will be appropriate to all.

Adding more payment options may entail additional costs for your website, but it will generally be worth it in the long run. You are creating ways to reach out to your customers, which will hopefully generate sales.

4. Be mobile

Customers are always on their mobile gadgets, so it makes sense to capitalize on this for the benefit of your business. Not only should your business be interactive through its website, but it can also be worth investing in creating a mobile application for your customers. That’s not to say you should create an app just for the sake of having one – it should genuinely improve usability for your customers. A unique user experience should also be given to your customers whenever they install and use their app. This is yet another way of reaching another type of audience.

5. Invest in high-quality product images and videos

No one will want to purchase a product that has been presented sloppily. No matter how enticing the features and benefits of your products are, if they are not accompanied by a high-quality image or video then it’s difficult for customers to believe your claim. Take a wedding photography business for example: If its website is full of blurred images, customers are likely to question their credibility from the moment they arrive at the site. Here are some basic tips to help you most effectively utilize images and videos on your website:

• A high-quality image works well when placed near the website’s header, alongside a striking call to action button
• Sets of pictures can be used to highlight specific products or discounts on your website
• Customers should have the option to zoom-in/zoom-out or rotate the product images seen on your website
• You can make use of videos to showcase customer’s feedback or to demonstrate how to use your products and services
• Never use images taken from other websites


Websites can bring limitless advantages to your online sales while also helping you to create a significant name in the industry. You just have to make sure that the approaches you bring to your website are appropriate for the products and services that you are offering. Taking the time to build an effective website that converts will help you boost sales and improve your Web Marketing ROI.

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