40 Blog Post Titles

40 Blog Post Ideas

Assuming you read my post, “28 Content Marketing Tools to Get More Blog Readers”, you probably already know what keywords you’re targeting for. With that in mind, you might want to know how to title your blog post. After all, it’s hard to write something without a title to outline your content.

By the way, before we get started, lists are all the rage right now. People like reading lists because it’s easier to digest information when they’re broken out into summarizable headers. Here are 50 blog post ideas to get you started on your next masterpiece!

1) X Number of Things You’re Being Lied to About _

Nobody likes being lied to. This title is sure to grab the attention of your readers into learning the ‘truth’.

2) X Things About the Future of _

Everyone loves future predictions and someone else’s input, especially if it’s on the internet. I mean I can’t keep myself from reading the plethora of articles on the next Avengers movie

3) Why We Love _ (And So Should You!)

If there’s one thing people don’t like, it’s feeling like an outcast. People like liking the same things.

4) X Reasons Your _ Blank Isn’t Working

The number one thing most people do when they can’t figure something out is turn to the internet. If you’re an expert in something, write a blog about that thing and what common mistakes are.

5) X Common Misconceptions About _

Like the number of things you’re being lied to about, misconceptions are almost juicier in that most of them are being spread without people even knowing.

Fun fact: Did you know that the phrase, “Blood is thicker than water.” is a misconstrued phrase? It’s led to make you believe that the bond of a blood relative is stronger than a friend’s bond. But the whole phrase is, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.” Completely different meaning now.

6) X Funniest Stories We’ve Heard About _

I would use a title like this to make light of unfortunate situations that the reader can relate to, “10 Funniest Stories We’ve Heard About Landscaping Customer Complaints”

7) X Quick Tips About _

Blog posts are long enough and most people skim them anyways. If you can call your reader to read you post because you’ve promised it to be short and sweet, then capitalize on it.

8) The Ultimate Checklist for _

I’m a checklist fanatic. I write a checklist every single day and sometimes even write checklists for checklists. I’d definitely read this if I was trying to learn something new. By the way, you should check out the movie, “Chaos Theory” with Ryan Reynolds. Excellent film. And it has to do with checklists.

9) The Top 10 _

Come on… You’ve read one of these articles in the last 2 hours. Don’t lie.

10) Why _ is Overrated

Look, the hipsters are on to something here. People like hearing opinions about counter-culture methods.

11) X Alternatives for _

People like options. And if you’re trying to educate people on a specific topic, chances are they don’t know about all the options.

12) X Considerations Before You _

I always happen to read these posts AFTER I do the thing it warned me about… Hopefully one of your potential customers reads this and can be thankful for your post.

13) X Ideas for Your _

Even if it isn’t an article that can illustrate the effectiveness or benefits of the products or services you offer, it would still be nice for a potential customer to be able to get info about their business from you.

Example: “15 Ideas to Keep Your Lawn Care Business Busy During Rainy Days”

14) X Tools Everyone in _ Should Be Using

The word ‘in’ in this case is important. It’s important to call out the industry you’re targeting because it makes it seem more relevant. I would want to know what I’m missing in my industry that’s making me not number one.

15) How to _ the Right Way

Get your head out of the gutter. Imagine examples like this, “How to Do Your Own Accounting the Right Way”, “How to Market Your Business the Right Way, etc.

16) X Hack for _

Everyone likes feeling like hackers. Give them something they feel like they can learn that nobody else knows.

17) X Trends About _ You Should Know

Some of the hardest things for business owners to keep up to date on is trends. Be their savior and help them stay up-to-date.

18) X Reasons Your Competitors Are Out-_ing You

First, it’s important to draw attention to your target audience’s competitors, after all, they’re the ones responsible for taking the most money off the table. The next thing is it’s important to make sure you call out industry specific terminology in the title as well.

Example: “X Reasons Your Competitors Are Out-Selling You”…”Out-Marketing You”…”Out-Bidding You”… etc.

19) X Questions to Ask Before _

These posts are really helpful when selling your own services. Example, I sell digital marketing services, so I would want mine to read, “X Questions to Ask Before Deciding on Your Marketing Agency” or “X Questions to Ask Before Choosing How to Budgeting Your Marketing”

Hint: It helps to tailor your answers to benefit your business.

20) The X Benefits of _

Typically this is going to be something you want your customer to buy from you. If you’re going to be providing a social media scheduler (*cough* Marketing Solved *cough*) then you’re going to want an introductory post titled something like, “The 10 Benefits of Social Media Schedulers”.

21) The Pros and Cons of _

This is a good post title for someone lower in the buyer’s journey. This would come after the example directly above.

For example: the first post would be “The 10 Benefits of Social Media Schedulers”, then we would want to follow it up with, “The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Schedulers”.

22) _ Vs _

This would be the final of the 3-parter above. After writing, “The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media Schedulers”, your audience should be pretty convinced they need one. But there are many other platforms out there. So you’ll want to write one comparing yours to your competitors’.

Example: “Marketing Solved vs Buffer”

23) Is _ Really Worth it?

The blank in this example should be your product or service. And this article should be convincing your reader that, yes, it is worth it. People care about value and they want to know the value they’ll get from you before making a purchase.

24) X _ Strategies You Haven’t Considered

“Don’t tell me what you think I haven’t considered! Unless… there are actually strategies that I haven’t considered. Tell me more…”

That’s my thought process anyways.

25) X Creative Ways to _

Today is flooded with templates and cookie cutter solutions. Give ideas that are out of the box and a little unorthodox to pique your reader’s interests. It will also make you look credible.

26) X Secrets of Successful _s

Who doesn’t want to be successful? And also who doesn’t want to know the secrets? Mine would be titled, “X Secrets of a Successful Landscaper”.

27) X Harsh Realities About _

This is a great one. No matter what you’re selling or advocating for, it can be used in your favor. If you’re selling teddy bears online, then yours could read, “X Harsh Realities About Shopping for Teddy Bears in Person”.

28) X Embarrassing _ Mistakes You Can Learn From

Everyone loves laughing at someone else’s misfortune. The title alone will get people to read your post. Believe me, when was the last time you watched a Fail video? It was probably pretty recently..

29) What is _?

Some of the best article titles are the ones that mimic the exact same questions your customers are asking. I recently wrote one called “What is SEO?”. Plus, when someone types this into Google and they see your article come up first, it’s pretty obvious they’re going to click on it right away if that is their exact question.

30) What _s Get Wrong About _

This is a good way to call out your competition without actually calling them out. I would write something like, “What digital marketers get wrong about SEO”.

31) The Best Way to _

The range of possibilities for this one is endless. It’s essentially a “How To” guide. “The Best Way to Build a Raised Garden”, “The Best Way to Manage Your Budget,” etc…

32) X Statistics on _ You Need to Know

I’ve never considered myself a sales person. But I can sell anything provided I’m on board with the product and know it inside and out. If I have all the statistics then I simply let the product sell itself. Let your blog post be the sales pitch.

“10 Statistics on Saving Energy Costs with Landscaping Designs You Need to Know!”

33) The Top X Books to Read in _

This one works the best if you’re in the B2B marketing and marketing yourself to other business owners and entrepreneurs. You want the blank in this case to be your target market’s niche.

“The Top 10 Books to Read for an Entrepreneur”

34) How Much Does _ Cost

One of the most commonly searched things online regarding online services is how much something costs. Of course no one just lists anything on their website because everything needs a consultation nowadays. Which is fine. But something a lot of business owners aren’t capitalizing on are those keywords. Even if you don’t list your prices, still write a post about how much something costs generally and explain why it’s important to get a custom consultation.

35) X Things Your Business Needs for _

Again this works best for the B2B market. But use your imagination for the end of that title. “X Things your Business Needs to be More Efficient”. This may not lead to a direct sale, but you can definitely use this blog post for an excellent backlink opportunity to a software or service you referenced. Of course, you’ll want to reach out to whomever you referenced for that backlink.

36) Step by Step Guide on _

You may not consider this one because you don’t want to teach someone how to do the service you’re offering. You’d probably prefer they just pay you to do it for them. But the fact of the matter is that you do what you do because it’s time consuming and a full time job. Not to mention there is a certain level of expertise that is required. But provide the value first. Sooner or later your readers will learn that they need to focus on selling their products and services and they should leave the dirty work to a professional like yourself.

37) The Best Tools to _

These posts are super easy. All you need to do is explain the different tools you’ve used for something that you would use for your customers. For instance, I would write a post called, “The Best Tools to Create and Schedule Social Media Posts”. You want to, again, give value to your customers and teach them rather than keep everything secretive. They’re going to learn anyway. Might as well learn from you.

38) Beginner’s Guide to _

The title of this post is what the best part is. Right away it lets me know that I do not need to know ANYTHING before I start reading which means it should be a fairly easy read. Just remember to tone down the industry related terminology. Instead of saying “SEO”, say “Search Engine Optimization”, and instead of saying Search Engine Optimization, say “Optimizing your site to rank at the top of Google”.

39) Top X Lessons I Learned From _

Sometimes people don’t want to put the work into learning something the hard way. So show them what you learned the hard way. “Top 10 Lessons I Learned From Scheduling Facebook Ads”.

40) _ Happened…Now What?

Try to speak to what common issues people have. The title your blog to read what your customers would say to themselves.


That’s 40 different ideas! And that’s not to say you can’t reuse these for different topics. However, if you’re still hitting that content roadblock, then I highly suggest you check out our program, Monthly Marketing Solved for more content ideas you can use each month.


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