Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Business

Benefits of Using Twitter For Your Business // How to use Twitter for your business // Twitter Benefits for Business // Twitter Marketing

Back in the day, companies would simply avoid using Twitter to help their businesses grow. The reason behind this is that it was mostly reserved for celebrities and various influencers and as such, was regarded as less than ideal for business use. These days, however, not using Twitter or any other social platform for that matter is simply a wasted opportunity to connect with the younger population that can easily spread any business-related info by simply clicking on the retweet button. That said, let’s cover some of the major benefits Twitter has to offer in regard to developing a successful business.

1.      Owning your own executive brand

What most business owners fail to realize is that if they don’t take the ownership of their own brands on social media platforms, someone else certainly will. Whether it’s a competitor trying to gain a competitive edge, people who take up brand profiles to sell them for a profit or simply an internet troll, brand names get claimed fairly quickly. Having a dedicated business profile allows companies to shape the story regarding their brand and to directly influence the way that story will unfold in the future.

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2.      Humanizing the brand

Another significant aspect of using social media, including Twitter, to convey brand messages is the ability to add a human touch to the generally inanimate brand image. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and the mastermind behind Tesla electric cars, Elon Musk, are both avid Twitter users who share both personal and professional opinions with millions of followers each day.

Interacting with potential customers, as well as the existing ones, adding a voice to a brand and catering to your followers all represent excellent ways to further solidify your brand image and send the message that you are not just another company focused solely on sales and profit margins.

3.      Marketing of products and services

Twitter can also be used for various business and product announcements. Companies can also use the feedback they get from their followers to further refine their products and services or they can simply ask their customers what they would like to see changed in the new line of the said products and services. Not to mention that people tend to share the things they love with their friends, family and social following, and Twitter can easily be used to favor and retweet those types of posts and further engage the customers who share your line of products.


4.      Customer support



Gone are the days when customers had to scour the internet to find contact information about a specific business and use it to resolve their issues. Today, almost every business, small and large, has a social media profile, which results in customers using those profiles to troubleshoot and look for solutions for their problems. If a customer has any question or observation regarding your business, make sure you don’t leave them unanswered. This is simply a bad business move and one disgruntled customer can quickly turn into a massive social media outrage, which could have a significantly negative impact on your company.

5.      Networking

You’d be surprised by the number of new contacts a company can get via Twitter, ranging from partners and collaborators to potential customers, suppliers, and influencers who operate in your specific industry. Startups and small companies can also use Twitter for crowdfunding purposes and in turn, receive a slew of new customers and various investors that can help them grow their business. This is a fairly common practice these days, with more and more small companies using Twitter to spread the word and keep their investors updated with the latest developments and news regarding the company.

6.      Proper Twitter etiquette

Although there are numerous benefits that stem from Twitter use, reaping those benefits requires an adequate use of your business profile. This means regularly answering any questions your customers may have and responding to any mentions regarding your brand. If a customer has shared anything relevant to your brand, make sure to like and retweet. Do a little research on how to adequately use hashtags to promote your business and try to keep the profile regularly updated. Avoid using Twitter to bash your competitors as it tends to look pretty unprofessional unless you’re doing it in a genuinely fun and interesting way.

These are just some of the many benefits that businesses can expect from their Twitter use. But Twitter is hardly the only social media platform and engaging your customers across all platforms is extremely important. Again, avoid using it for personal squabbles and refrain yourself from using it as a means to vent out. You’d be surprised by the number of companies who has used their business profile to vent out and ended up receiving a ton of negative press and experiencing a significant loss in their revenue.

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