Track The Social Media Stat Frenzy

If you have become proficient at certain forms of social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter; how do you check how they are doing? What are your stats? Results?  And What are the Metrics involved?

This is a preliminary introduction to a lot of information. There is much to delve into and hopefully we will minimize the head spinning.

Every platform has a comprehensive set ways of viewing how your account is doing. After all most people who seriously use social media want to see results. They are interested in how their Facebook page is doing.

In short, we want the most impactful influential results possible.

First off for those of you who write publish or post your own articles there is an easy way to get more exposure.

If you want to post information or your article two good sources are Stumble Upon or Reddit.

Stumble Upon will tell you if the post you submit are making impact.  Reddit likewise will go to a network under a category of your choice such as the arts, self-improvement etc. When you submit your article in Stumble Upon it will decide what category it should go into Social media, Psychology, Ethics …

Now on to the more known forms. Such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

If you have a specific page on Facebook you can view how your page is doing under insights

On LinkedIn Who’s Viewed Your Profile Under Profile section left side top part of screen.

  1. Start with Twitter Analytics

Twitter, you can look under Twitter Analytics if you click your picture on top right corner.

To get more in-depth we will have to go to other websites programs etc…

Twitter has a huge number of ways of measuring things like engagement tweet and link views and so on. According to DreamGrow, you can monitor in countless ways.

First you can follow many of these suggestions on Twitter and get the latest statistic update in the manner.

This heavy source is titled ‘Dream Grow social monitoring tools’.

In the article, they mention Klout which is a source to find out about your overall presence on social media.  You will be given a number a percentage if you will. You can compare that number to some celebrities.

Twitter is one of the main ones Klout focuses on LinkedIn and Facebook are added as well.

You must sign in and let them interpret your numbers.

According to article, “Social media monitoring includes measuring opinions and sentiment of groups and influencers.”

To look through this comprehensive list will take a while. It will be worth it there are plenty of options. According to this list some of them are free.

Some particularly that are tailored to Twitter are Twitter Counter and Back tweets, and

Also Tweet Deck and Tweet Reach are the obvious ones.

Twitter Analytics are very precise and are in depth. They can tell you things such as demographics: male and female and age group.

What time of day your most impactful. Countries in USA or abroad.

You can see your Tweet Impression down to the last second of your last post.

One thing that almost all experts agree on is a thing to pay close attention to is your Engagement rate and you can also check out your   Link clicks. This is invaluable how many people are paying attention to what you are posting. Many people will retweet your tweet but they won’t look at the link. This will tell you how much your actual link is being viewed.

One way is to use the portion Insight metrics.

On Convince Convert which is highly recommended company to view all information related to social media, they explain Mention and Buffer as two important sources.

Images get more as well as sharing content more than once. Taking a provocative stance can also increase the exposure of your article links when tweeted.

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  1. Buffer an Important Source

Check out the Best From buffer.

One media source called Buffer may be of extreme value in interpreting just exactly where you stand with your data.

Check the Buffer for Business section alone will be invaluable.

Buffers has built in Analytics collecting data that can also help determine your conversion rates.

It is important to also mention they discuss Transparency. It means it is an Open blog where people can ask questions. It is important that questions be answered in a meticulous way and promptly.

Thorough advice is given as well.

Make sure we pay attention to Rebuffer posts and Native retweets. These are important

As well as the site Mentions which is another site that can help you gage how your audience is responding moment by moment.

The article says to reframe your content to the suit the audience. Be willing to reinvent and look at your subject matter from the audience’s perspective.

Posting your own information can get more results on Google +. It is an easy way to posts links from your own writing or articles you want to review other information you would like people to explore.

Google + Insights as we mentioned can also be valuable to post your up to date information.

The post from Buffer talks about Google Authorship but makes it clear that setting up your own authorship is what is truly important.

Here are some of the major sources that measure social media metrics.  Sprout is an excellent source.

It is important we especially take a look at Sprout social metrics that matter.

First you can check the Overview tab main points to get a general glimpse into your statistics.

Be aware of Lifestyle, Consumer behavior and Mobile Footprint patterns.

On this post, they share information how to improve your LinkedIn stats.

Look at other things such as the Reach tab or Post Tab. Post tab for individual Facebook posts and other daily information.

Go further and Notice a difference between reach and impression metrics.

Reach tab different metrics for your demographic reach.

When you use Google + find out how popular your posts are in the Us and in foreign countries such as India, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia among many others.

Google analytics will break down under the acquisition section which social networks Stumble Upon, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger.

People tab has even who have reached and engaged with your posts.

Twitter analytics portion you will be introduced to a 28-day summary of metrics and highlights for the month.

Find out just how many have been on your social media account. Once again seeing age range male and female percentage can be quite helpful in determining how you proceed with your social media marketing strategy.

Keyword Volume can also be measured, it should be noted when it increases and decreases and a t specific times.

Audience section you can see average monthly views daily impressions and daily views

If you publish videos on Facebook “you’ll have access to in-depth video metrics, such as how often a video was viewed for three seconds, 30 seconds or 95% of the total video length.”

You can even find out who unliked your page and decide how you want to address

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  1. LinkedIn Strategy Stats

Let us delve into vital statistics to help with LI marketing strategy.

Come up with a regular posting schedule. It can be important to figure out what day and even the time of day.

According to article LinkedIn is influential with this stunning statistic there results are that “20 Percent with single post.”

Linkeidn is considered the number one referral social media source even over Facebook and Twitter. If you are ready to explore how you are doing on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn Analytics under Edit section

Writer Kevan Lee says 6 out of every 10 LinkedIn users are interested in industry insights

Industry insights are all the rage on LI

Optimize from Engagement perspective. It is one thing for your audience to be looking at your profile site but how much are they partaking or being active in exploring it.

Buffer App is a great way of going further into your LinkedIn profile.

Engagement with your audience will help you improve grow and change the way you constantly should be updating your LI profile.

In conclusion, Social metrics have revolutionized the way businesses look at the impact of their respective companies.

This can be a daily hourly and in some cases minute by minute tracker of how

Influential your business is doing in the virtual world. Are you dizzy yet. Are you feeling a sense of TMI? Do you think you won’t use half of these measuring sites? That is the point. Chose which ones out of the many choices fit your personal social media needs.

Take one tracking step at a time.  Choices and more choices. It is obvious that delving into the social media stats frenzy will take time and effort.  Therefore, I have made it easy for you to sift through at your leisure and entirely for your spare time convenience.

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