6 Social Media Tips You Can Implement in Under 5 Minutes

There’s so many tips you can use for social media – you probably haven’t seen them all! Every week I share tips and training in my Marketing Solved Facebook Group or Facebook Page that will help you make a bigger impact with your social media.

I wanted to pass these tips on to you so you can take advantage of these little techniques – that can make a big difference!

Tip #1 – How to Get MORE Facebook Likes, For Free. This video shows you exactly how to do that and it’s a tip that NO ONE knows.

Tip #2  – How to Get More Facebook Engagement with a simple posting strategy! This quick video will walk you through the process.

Tip #3 – Have you ever wanted to see what pages or interests other Facebook advertisers are using?

Here’s how, when you see an ad in your newsfeed:

  • *hit the upper right gray arrow
  • *select “Why am I seeing this?”
  • *the next screen will tell you their targeting and how you are a part of that audience.

See the screen shots here.

Marketing Solved - Facebook Ad TargetingMarketing Solved - Facebook Ad Targeting

This will give you some great insight on who YOU should target and how specific & detailed you can get with your ads.

Tip #4 – Use the Pinned Post feature on Twitter and Facebook pages.  When people visit your social profiles, these will be the first posts they see!

Pin the content you want to promote or get more eyes on.

  • For Example:
  • Pin a Popular Blog Post
  • Pin a Free Training or Webinar
  • Pin an invite to your Facebook Group
  • Pin you lead magnet or opt in offer
  • Pin a free trial offer or a coupon

Rotate through your pinned posts to keep things fresh for your visitors!


Tip #5 – Did you know you could easily search to see what’s been “Pinned” from your website by going to:

{Change the InsertYourDomain.com to YOUR URL }

Marketing Solved - Social Media Tips you can implement

This gives you GREAT insight into what content people like so you can keep providing it!

See the screen shot here.

Tip #6 – An EASY & QUICK Tip to Add Your Hashtags on Instagram –

When you want to add your hashtags into your post description (or like I do, in a comment) – it can be a pain to type out 20 + hashtags?

Now, You could write up all your hashtags in your notepad and copy and paste them

-OR, Do what I do! 

Create a keyboard shortcut so you can type in one simple “shortcut” and it pastes ALL your hashtags.

On your iPhone go to > Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

Upper right corner click the “+” sign and select your “shortcut” (small word to type in) and your “phrase” which can be your group of hashtags.

How to paste Instagram Hashtags EasyHow to paste Instagram Hashtags Easy


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6 Social Media Tips You Can Implement in under 5 Minutes - Marketing Solved


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