How to Get the Content You Want on Facebook

How to get content on Facebook

Facebook, can’t live with it…can’t live without it. Or, I can’t anyways.

One great thing about Facebook is the amazing content! I can get recipes, updates from my friends, funny videos, and educational articles right when I login. This can also be a bit of information overload.

I’m sure we’ve ALL had times where we’ve found content we want to read but it wasn’t the right time. You try to find it later and it’s gone forever.

Or maybe you’ve seen a post that someone made and wanted to see what other people had to say. But you didn’t want to stay glued to the post to wait for answers so you leave and move on with your life. Forgetting all about that post.

There HAS to be another way! * Shakes Fist *

A bit dramatic? Maybe. But these are two common problems I hear from Facebook users. They’re just overwhelmed and navigating the newsfeed comes with a set of instructions that many people don’t want to read.

So, to help people get the content THEY WANT…WHEY THEY WANT IT…I’ve put together a quick 1 minute video tutorial to show you two techniques that are simple yet unknown to many users. These will help you take control of your newsfeed on Facebook so you can get the content you want on Facebook.

P.S. – If you’ve found this helpful, please be sure to pass it on and I will keep content coming your way!

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