Interested in co-hosting an affiliate webinar with Kat? All you need to do is bring your audience and keep the commissions!

Here’s a brand new opportunity for you.

As a Marketing Solved affiliate partner, you have the option to cohost a webinar with Kat and you’ll keep commissions from each sale.

Here’s how it works

Choose one of the three affiliate products:

We recommend you have at least 1,000 people on your email list and you commit to getting 100 to sign up for the webinar. (You only need to get them to sign up, it’s ok if not all of them show up.)

Your Commitment:

  • Get 75 – 100 people to sign up
  • Email your list 2 times – Once to announce the webinar and once to make them our special offer and sending the replay. (You can email more – in fact we recommend it to maximize your commission, but 2 is required)
  • Post on social media twice. Once to introduce the webinar and once to make the special offer.

We’ll create all of the webinar content for you!

Your only job is to bring your audience. We’ll give you the registration page, swipe email copy, social media images.

Once the webinar starts, you can do a quick intro to your audience, then you can sit back and relax.

We’ll take it from there.

You’ll earn a commission on every sale that comes from your webinar. Even from the replay.

Webinar Details: 

During the webinar, we’ll train your audience on a topic relevant to the product you choose. The webinar will run about an hour.

At the end of the webinar, we’ll make them a very special offer to join the program of your choice and include some exclusive bonus offers just for joining the webinar.

For every person that signs up through your webinar, you’ll receive a 40% commission from each sale! This is for the lifetime of the customer.

If 10 of the attendees make a $399 purchase, that’s a commission of $1,596 for you!

If 150 attendees make a $97 purchase, that’s a commission of $5,820 for you! (Not bad for an hour of your time!)

Results are not guaranteed and will vary for each co-host.

To get started and be considered for this opportunity, click here to send us some information and get started! 

After we receive your application, if approved, we will each out to you and give you the next steps.