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Learn the Secrets to Pinterest SEO that no one else knows

get a massive competitior advantage with Kat's proven Pinterest SEO Ranking strategy to unlock millions of impressions, unlimited traffic, and a consistent flow of leads and sales from Pinterest…

Spotlighting Your Business on Pinterest & STANDING OUT

get ready to show off your business to millions of potential customers with our viral profile and pin strategies that will make your pins stand out so you can generate more leads & sales with ease

Pins & Pinterest Board Strategy

Unleash this PROVEN Strategy so your pins and pinterest boards will drive thousands of targeted website visitors, email subscribers, and buyers right to your door, every single day on auto-pilot.

Attracting Followers, Fans, & Clicks

Learn The Secrets To Pinterest Attraction Marketing To Get More Followers, Repins, And Clicks So You Can Build A Standout Brand In Just A Few Hours A Week

Rank #1 And become a TOP Search Result (Each Time)

get the proven strategy to rank your content to be a top search result every single time. dominating search gets you millions of impressions, way more followers, more website traffic, more leads, and more sales in your business. bonus: You'll bump up your google search rankings with this strategy too

Drive unlimited traffic to your website, products, & opt ins

Learn how to use pinterest as a traffic avalance that drives high quality, targeted clicks from potential buyers to your desired links so you can Grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

generate millions of monthly impressions organically

Pinterest is going to help you put your business in front of millions of people absolutely for free and as a smart business owner, your pinfunnel is going to help you convert those impressions into buyers

learn how to go viral, over & over again

Unlock our Viral Pinning formula to help your pins quickly takeoff in the Pinterest feed where they get saved and shared hundreds, thousands, & millions of time! And learn how to duplicate your success creating a viral storm of your content.

learn Pinterest Advertising to get high quality targeted clicks for pennies

learn the best practices for running pinterest ads that are affordable & profitable. our never before shared techniques will unleash successful ads with laser targeted keywords & custom audiences that are eager to buy


The Marketing Solved PinFunnel that Generated 11k of Profit the first month. (Value $297)

Get the entire behind the scenes pinFunnel that generated 11k within 30 days of executing the funnel

Email Swipes! Includes Marketing Solved Funnel Emails, 10 Bonus Email Swipes, + 2 Copywriter Email Swipes (Value $197)

see exactly what emails we used to generate over 6 figures from pinFunnels

Pinterest Traffic Explosion Strategy (Value $197)

If you need traffic, this bonus will blow your mind. you'll learn the exact strategies you need to leverage an explosion of traffic from pinterest.

Get Massive YouTube Views From Pinterest (Value: $297)

this INSANE secret PinFunnel™ strategy will help you leverage pinterest to grow your youTube, Get more YouTube Views & Subscribers! If you're monetized on YouTube, this will make you a fortune

Pinterest Holiday Hack Strategy (Value $297)

If you want to dominate search, increase your views, & massively increase your clicks around the busiest time of the year when most purchases are made, this bonus masterclass is going to be a game changer

An Entire PinFunnels Build (Value $297)

Go behind the scenes and see the step by step process of an entire Pinfunnel build.

How To Create Pinterest Board Covers (Value $97)

This fun training will show you how to make aesthetic & attractive pinterest board covers to help brand your business & attract more followers

The Ultimate Ninja Pinterest Ad Strategy - Secret Pinterest promoted pin strategies to lower your ad costs and increase your results. (Value $397)

The ultimate pinterest advertising strategy that's almost guaranteed to help you create a tornado pins, clicks, leads, and followers.

Facebook Group Support, Updated Trainings, + Lifetime Access! (Value: Priceless!)

these priceless perks make sure you stay up to date with the latest trainings and can get help and support for your pinFunnels™


You are going to
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Social Network

As a smart business owner, you are probably
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You’ve heard other people use Pinterest and you
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to start.


Let me share a few things I discovered from this gold mine of a social network for

Our website traffic skyrocketed to over 10,000 web visitors in 30 days.

Not only did we make over $11,000 in our first 30 days marketing on Pinterest, our website traffic jumped to over 10,000 visitors, we grew our email list to 4,500 and gained over 4,000 followers. Without spending a dime on advertising!

Routinely rank in
the top search
for highly
competitive and
popular search

You'll learn how to dominate search results for the most competitive keyword search phrases. Connecting you with high quality potential customers that are looking for what you sell.

We've had multiple pins go VIRAL with our Viral Pin Formula

After implementing the PinFunnels system, Pinterest will become your t #1 source of traffic, leads, subscribers, and blow your other social media networks out of the water with results.



PinFunnels is for entrepreneurs, marketers, affiliate marketers, coaches, bloggers, retailers, network marketers, e-commerce or local brick and mortar store. As long as you have a product to sell – Pin Funnels will bring you leads, subscribers, and customers.
PinFunnels is NOT for people looking for easy get rich quick schemes. It’s NOT for people who aren’t going to do the work or put in the effort. It’s NOT for people who think results should happen overnight.
Do you need a blog for Pinterest marketing? No. You can choose where to send your traffic like a home page or a product page.

Do I recommend you have a blog for your PinFunnel? YES!

There is a lot of opportunities to maximize your Pinterest traffic with a blog that we cover in detail inside PinFunnels.
Our members only Facebook group is included with your purchase. You can ask any questions related to the program or your account to get one-on-one support!

Pinterest works for almost any industry!

You can successfully sell physical products like t-shirts or coffee mugs, info products like digital courses, workbooks, or ebooks, personal services like personal training & coaching, affiliate marketing, direct sales offers, even local brick and mortar stores!

PinFunnels will work for you. 

There are NO refunds for this program. Due to the nature of this digital program – you immediately receive access to protected course information. In order to protect this intellectual property – we can not provide refunds after you have already accessed the program. We have a zero tolerance policy for those who want to “Look & See” what’s inside the program. This program is for people who are ready and committed to taking immediate action.

We do offer a Money Back Guarantee if you do not see results AFTER implementing the PinFunnels strategy. You can see the details below.
We can’t guarantee your results since we can’t control whether you take action or follow the course. If you DO follow the course and implement the training, we can very confidently say you will see increased results.

Are you ready?

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About Pinterest Expert, Kat Sullivan

“…the number one person in the country on Pinterest, Kat Sullivan” – Perry Belcher

Kat Sullivan is the most sought after expert when it comes to Pinterest Marketing. She is the top requested Pinterest speaker and has educated over 30,000 Entrepreneurs, Brands, & Business Owners on Pinterest marketing. 

Not only does Kat Sullivan speak on stages across the country about Pinterest, she’s got the results to back it up. Her organic marketing strategies generate 1-4 Million Impressions Organically, she’s had dozens of viral Pinterest pins, and boasts over 100,000 raving followers on Pinterest. 

When it comes to Pinterest, Kat Sullivan is the Top Expert in the World. 



Kat Sullivan has spoken as the Pinterest expert at events like Traffic & Conversion, Pinnacle Global Network, AWOL Elite Summit, Everything Food Conference, and more!