7 Ways Small Businesses Can Learn From Their Competitors

It is very easy to start a small business these days. There are roughly 28 million small businesses in United States alone. Approximately a half million businesses emerge every month. Some of these businesses last longer than 15 years, some last only 2 years whereas some disappear as quickly as they emerge. These businesses can learn a lot from each other and following lines explain how.

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  • Figure Out Your Real Business Model:

All the successful businesses, big or small, have put very effective business models in place. It is a cumbersome task to establish a business model for your businesses and this is where you must learn from your competitors. You need to find out how other companies do their businesses. It is important for you to learn how they monetize their products and offer value to their customers. You also need to have a clear idea of what services your business will offer and how you will offer them.

  • Learn from Other’s Errors:

As mentioned above, starting a company is no longer difficult. How you sustain in the business is what actually matters. There are thousands of articles and books about how to run a business. While it is impossible to read all of these, it is always beneficial to learn different perspective and strategies businesses relevant to your venture have adopted. You will find many businesses that learned their lessons after initial mistakes. You must use their experience in your favor and your business will prosper.

  • Put Yourself in Your Competitor’s Shoes:

Thoroughly research your competitors and find out what aspect of your competitor’s business interests you the most. It never hurts to check their products, services and their most popular offerings. Put yourself in your competitors’ shoes and you will know what is working best for them. There is nothing wrong in replicating what they are doing. Most often, it will yield similar results for you. If not, you can easily abandon the strategy and look for new ones.

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  • Monitor their Online Marketing Strategy:

You can considerably improve your own online marketing strategy by monitoring that of your competitors’. There are many tools you can use to learn how other similar small businesses are using social media, SOE, PPC and other techniques to maximize their revenues. These tools enable you to easily monitor the performance of others and compare results. Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have their own monitoring tools as well to accomplish this very important task.

  • Consult other Businesses:

It is a great idea to consult other small businesses and asking for their reviews. Contact any industry expert you respect or someone who also has established a profitable business from scratch. Ask them what they think about your business idea. Listen to each and every critique and try to implement their suggestions wholeheartedly. Only then you will have a serious chance to establish your business on solid foundations.

  • Analyze the Market:

Successful small businesses have the ability to perfectly analyze the market. They manage to fully understand the industry they are about to enter. They are realistic about how their business will fit in the industry and where it will ultimately fall in the landscape. They are able to identify the competitors who are already in the business and what distinguish them from others. You should have realistic understanding of the market and your competitors. You should set realistic and accurate goals and try to coexist with other players in the market.

Your competitors might be using different tactics such as social media and webinars to promote their products. You need to remember that not every marketing tactic is for your business. What is working for others might not produce similar results for you. However, you can open the doors to great opportunities by analyzing the market tactics of your competitors. You can even attend their webinars or subscribe to their email list to find out what makes them so special and different from the rest.

It is very easy to ignore the competition thinking that you have everything covered. However, it is imperative for any small business to keep a pulse on what others are doing to survive. Performing critical market analysis is always going to benefit you no matter you are a finance organization or a technology company.

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