12 Facebook Pages that Have Branded Graphics & What YOU Can Learn From Them

Are you ready to create some killer brand recognition? Where people see your content on social media and know exactly who you are, right away?

Branded Graphics are the key to unlocking more recognition, visibility, reach – and engagement.

Now, if you want to be amongst the best brands, you have to act like one of the best brands.

Think about it: 

  • Apple puts their logo on everrrrything. We instantly know an apple product just with their logo – no text required.
  • Amazon puts their logo and smile on every single box they send out. People know immediately when they receive a box from Amazon.
  • Coca-Cola – I mean…it’s only the most recognized brand in the world!

What do all of these have in common? Besides huge marketing budgets – they have instant brand recognition!!

The more people are familiar with your brand, the more they know and trust you. THAT is what you can do with branded graphics.

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Before we dive in to the 12 Facebook Pages, we want to point out exactly what they all have in common so you can learn exactly how to duplicate the success for your business.

Each of the 12 Facebook brands has 5 elements in common.


This is something that is reflective of you, your business, and your style. If you already have a logo – awesome! You can use your logo and create your branding around that since it’s an established brand asset you already have.


Choose 1-3 colors. If you’re starting a brand from scratch, do some color research to find out what you’re looking to display with your brand.

For example: the color black is “powerful, sleek, and used to market luxury” whereas blue is “Peace, Calming, & Kindness”

Use a resource like Design Seeds to help you choose the colors you want to represent your business.

Design Seeds Color Inspiration for Social Media Branding



Choose 1 -2 complimentary fonts for your branding. These will be consistent amongst your social media accounts and your website. There are amazing font pairing examples on Pinterest if you need some inspiration. Pixel 77 put together this great guide to help you learn how to pair the right fonts for a high quality brand.

How to pick a font for social media branding

This is your image style. You want to choose a consistent image style that is representative of your brand. This can really help make a difference amongst the sea of competition.

What to do:  If you’re a beachy company, you can choose beachy images (simple right?) You know that’s what your ideal customers are interested in and you can use them to represent your brand.

What not to do: If you’re a beachy company, you use pictures of the jungle. Obviously…there’s a disconnect here and it would really throw people off.

Take some time to research the types of images you want to use to brand your biz.

A few resources to find images:


This is where you make your images unique! You’ll add your logo, your styles, font, overlays, filters, borders, unique elements that represent your brand. This is where you will set your biz up for massive brand awareness.

For some inspiration: Take a peek inside our social media branding guide to see how these themes and styles come together.

Social Media Branding Guide

Now that you know what you need to establish your unique brand, you can create templates so it’s easy to create these images and share them on social media. Canva is our favorite tool for creating social media graphics and templates easily.

Once you know how you’re going to share your brand with the world, it’s time to start sharing!

Be sure to follow these 12 Facebook pages below so you can be inspired by how they’ve brilliantly and creatively created custom branded graphics to grow their business, develop unbeatable brand recognition, and boost engagement on every single post.

12 Facebook Pages that Have Branded Graphics

1. Marketing Solved – Online Marketing Publication, Marketing Education, Training, Classes, and Workshops. 

When people see the black, white, and gold – it’s instant Marketing Solved brand recognition. Our design centers on the logo placement in the same area, black, white, and gold color scheme, and font similarity.

Marketing Solved Social Media Branded Graphics

2. Gary Vaynerchuk – The King of Media, Author, Speaker and Cool Dude

Note the consistency in the logo / signature, image style, and colors.

Gary Vaynerchuk Social Media Branded Graphics
3. Sarah Prout – Master Manifestor, Entrepreneur, Author, and brilliant marketer. 

Logo placement and font is consistent but what stands out here is her unique use of like colors and overlays.

Sarah Prout Social Media Branding Graphics

4. Robin Sharma – Best Selling Author & Entrepreneur Educator 

Consistent font, image style, branding placement and integration of personalized images. These are brilliant for getting visibility on you if you have a personal brand!

Robin Sharma Social Media Branded Graphics

5. Female Entrepreneur Association – Led by Carrie Green, Female Entrepreneur Community, Advice, Training & Resources

They keep it consistent with a pink color palette used in a variety of ways, similar styled templates, fonts, and logo placement.

Female Entrepreneur Association Social Media Branded Graphics

6. Les Brown – Motivational Speaker & Author

Similarly to Robin Sharma, they make great use of personalized images with Les in them, similar image styles  and a consistent font across all images.

Les Brown Social Media Branded Graphics

7. Kim Garst – Social Media Influencer, Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Quite possibly the most unique branded templates around. They create custom quality graphics using similar image style, logo placement, and unique elements added to each one!

Kim Garst Social Media Branded Graphics

8. Grant Cardone – Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Mogul

When Grant Cardone is doing something in the industry, you should take note! He uses similar fonts, personal images, and a very popular style for graphics that stand out.

Grant Cardone Social Media Branded Graphics

9. Girlboss – Created by Sophia Amoroso to share inspiration to be the boss of your own life.  

Unlike any other that we’ve seen so far, they put their brand logo on the top of the image, use solid colors in a pastel theme, and keep fonts and font placement similar.

Girlboss Social Media Branded Graphics

10. Addicted2Success – The #1 Motivational & Inspirational Website in the World

Surely you’ve seen this logo floating around the best graphics online. They keep their image style, themes, and fonts consistent with their unique logo branded on each image.

Addicted2Success Social Media Branded Graphics

11. BossBabe – A community for a “digital girl gang” 

A pioneer in social media branded graphics and also one of the most well known and often copied. They use a mix of styled dark images of successful women mixed with their branded pink, similar fonts,  and logo placement.

BossBabe Social Media Branded Graphics

12. Pura Vida – Custom Bracelets from Costa Rica that give back

Last but not least, Pura Vida. To show you that you don’t always have to add your logo or share text images. Here’s a way to style and brand your graphics simply by using your products in each shot! They keep a consistent style, filter, and theme across their images.

Pura Vida Social Media Branded Graphics

So what do you think? Did you find some inspiration? Let us know in the comment below.

Don’t forget to share if you found this helpful!

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