10 Try-Worthy Tools for Social Media Marketers

Social media marketing tools are very valuable to those who use social media for promotional purposes. It is necessary for a business to utilize some tools to make their marketing more successful. There are many social media marketing tools, but which of these are the best among all?  The most important thing to look for in a tool – does it make your marketing more efficient and fruitful? You will need to see tools that will help you manage multiple accounts, allows multiple teams to work on the single account, can monitor keywords and hashtags, gives you detailed analytics, and can schedule posts for you.

Below are the ten most useful and coolest tools for social media marketers that will help improve your promotions.

1# Agorapulse

Agorapulse is the best and the most productive tool available for social media marketing out there. The Agorapulse dashboard is very simple and easy to use. You can switch through accounts without any problem. The important features like monitoring, publishing and social media inbox can be accessed easily as they are right on the top of the dashboard. The social media inbox is very helpful and saves time. Publishing, scheduling and monitoring tools of Agorapulse are also the best out there. It also has the best interface which makes it easy to use.

2# Grammarly

Grammarly is an excellent and very useful app that helps you in social media marketing. As you can guess by the name, Grammarly is an app that helps you improve grammatical mistakes in your articles/text.  If you want to achieve success in marketing your business, it is crucial that everything you write is well written and has no grammatical errors. If there are grammar mistakes in your content, your social media campaign will not be as effective. Grammarly helps in improving your content by highlighting the mistakes in it. It is available as a browser extension and as well as in an app for your iOS.


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3# Post Planner

Post Planner is one of the coolest apps available on the internet for social media marketing and is very helpful. Initially, Post Planner just started as an app that schedules posts for Facebook; but now it is much more than that! It helps you to engage more users on social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Post Planner ranks content by its virality, so it is easy to identify and pick the top hashtag or topic. This helps you improve your engagement.

4# Typeform

Typeform is also a top app for social media marketing that allows you to make different kinds of forms online. You can create questionnaires or surveys for your website using Typeform. You can use this application for creating any kind of form. Typeform is available for your mobile as well. It has a very appealing interface and is fun for users to take their surveys.

5# Hootsuite

Hootsuite is known to be one of the best social media marketing tools, and is used by many successful social media marketers. The application has an excellent dashboard that has so many exciting features. But as there are so many features on the dashboard, it can be a bit confusing sometimes.

This app gives you the power of connecting over 35 social media websites to one account which is something very rare. It is also excellent at monitoring content as well, as you can follow hashtags and keywords easily.


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6# Grytics

Grytics is a social media marketing app that is designed especially for Facebook groups. Facebook has made it easier to analyze the analytics for their pages, but it still does not offer any analytics for Facebook groups. Grytics analyzes your group and shows you numbers likes most active member of the group, engagement of users and activities as well. It gives you almost everything that is available on Facebook for its pages. Grytics is available as a desktop tool and has premium packages for it; it also has a free version that shows the basic data only.

7# MavSocial

MavSoical is a tool for social media marketing that helps you to connect all your Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr and Twitter accounts into one dashboard. On the dashboard, you can monitor all these social media sites easily with quick response as well. You can also create new social media campaigns using MavSocial. The app has its inbox that will notify you about all the mentions and connections for all your social websites. The app has a very good interface which makes it very easy to use as well.

8# Buffer

Buffer is another social media marketing tool that helps you post content on various social sites using one app. Buffer helps you connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ in one platform. You can publish content on all these social sites by using just Buffer. Using Buffer, you can also schedule a post for your accounts. Buffer also gives you immediate analytics for your publishing. That way you know which of your posts are performing well. Buffer also helps you create images to share, which is an even better way of getting more users.

9# Vibbi

Vibbi is an excellent tool for social media marketing and is designed for Instagram users. Vibbi offers many services for your Instagram account that help you improve the popularity and credibility of your page. This site offers you to buy Instagram followers, users, and likes. In order to do well in the race of marketing, you need maximum followers, and more likes on your post and Vibbi is offering you this service.

10# Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio allows you to create a dashboard of your own that is more visual. You can create visual dashboards for yourself or your customer easily by using this free new app by Google. You can choose any kind of dashboard you want to create, and you can also add anything you want to, like Google Analytics or word sheets.


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