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As other marketing opportunities are becoming more and more saturated with businesses and offers

…and Paid advertising is getting more and more expensive and brands are seeing less and less results…


Traffic, sales, buyers, low cost advertising. It’s the total package.

It’s also a completely untapped market. Your competitors are fighting to be everywhere else and Pinterest is WIDE OPEN.

Which is great news for you. 

With a few SIMPLE marketing strategies, you can experience RAPID GROWTH like never before. 

Introducing: Pinterest Crash Course…the premier Pinterest marketing solution that gives your business the ULTIMATE advantage


  • A proven system for your pins to go VIRAL on Pinterest. We’re talking thousands and thousands of shares of your valuable content. More shares = more clicks = more leads = more sales. 
  • The hidden secrets to create content that opens the floodgates of traffic coming to your website every day. On Auto Pilot. For Free.
  • The expert tricks to make your content rank to the top – almost every single time. (Hint: MOST marketers and businesses are missing this key concept.) THIS is how you get DIRECTLY in front of your BUYERS.
  • The BULLETPROOF Duplication formula to repeat your success, over and over and over again. 

The truth is, most “experts” are complicating it. You don’t need overwhelming & complicated.

You don’t need to pin 10 times per day, or to spend thousands in ads, or to create new pieces of content everyday.

In fact, we have a simple 3-part Pinterest System that once you understand, you’ll be able to execute over, and over, and over again.

Once you unlock these winning strategies for your Pinterest marketing, you can expect rapid growth, more clicks to your website than you’ve ever had before, eager buyers and leads jumping into your opt ins and funnels, and more money in  your pocket.

What's Included In The Workshop?

  • fa-checkA two hour - powerful workshop where you’ll get the wining formula to turn your Pinterest account into a lead generating machine.
  • fa-checkUncover the key to creating unique content that your buyers can’t wait to get their hands on. This hidden secret will set you light years apart from your competition.
  • fa-checkOur explosive and proven viral formula to designing Pins that stand out, get saved, get shared, and get clicked. (Hint: No other trainers can teach you this duplicatable system. Our results speak for themselves)
  • fa-checkThe keys to ranking your pins to the top of the Pinterest feed...and Google feed. This goes beyond "SEO" and into the psychology of understanding your buyers actions.
  • fa-checkThe simple guide to getting set up for success quickly so you can implement and start seeing results immediately.
  • fa-checkThe advanced formula for scaling & optimizing your content to generate traffic that coverts to leads and leads that convert into sales.

Let's Do The Math...

If you could learn how to generate 2,000 clicks to your website every month without spending money on ads…

And of those 2,000 clicks you converted just 4 of them into customers who bought a $100 product.

You just generated $400 EXTRA a month or $4800 EXTRA dollars a year of revenue to your business.

– OR –

If you could learn how to get 100,000 eyes (impressions) on your Pinterest content without spending money on ads (way easier than you think)

And of those impressions just 1% decided to click, that would generate 1,000 clicks to your website.

And of those 1,000 clicks, 2% become leads. That’s 20 new leads in your business

And of those 20 leads you converted just 1 of them into a customer who bought a $1000 product.

That’s $1,000 EXTRA a month or $12,000 EXTRA dollars a year of revenue to your business.




You need to understand this…

Pinterest Users are BUYERS.  They are going to Pinterest to plan their purchases. Which means, those impressions, clicks, and leads you’re generating from Pinterest – will convert to sales. 

  • fa-laptopPinterest Crash Course (Valued at $197)
  • fa-bookPinterest SEO Guide (Valued at $19)
  • fa-download90 of the Most Popular Pinterest Pins (Valued at $49)
  • fa-starBONUS: Pinterest Holiday Hack Training Video (Valued at $97)
  • fa-boltPinterest Quick Start Guide (Valued at $17)
  • fa-unlockPinterest Resource & Tools Cheat Sheet (Valued at $15)
  • fa-keyPinterest Cheat Sheets & Worksheets (Valued at $9)
  • fa-starBONUS: Automate with Tailwind Training Video (Valued at $67)



Your Special Price: $299

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What kind of business is this for?

This workshop is applicable to any business selling products online. We do recommend you have a blog or landing page to drive traffic to. You can promote any products, services, or affiliate products.

What's the difference with Pinterest Crash Course or PinFunnels?

Pinterest Crash Course is a condensed Pinterest marketing course. It covers how to use and leverage Pinterest as a traffic source for leads and sales. This is an excellent option for someone on a budget who wants to learn Pinterest Marketing.

PinFunnels™ is a comprehensive Pinterest marketing program including Pinterest marketing, Funnel Marketing, Email Marketing, & Paid Advertising. It is far more detailed and contains 10 + hours of Pinterest & Online Marketing.

How Long Do I Have Access?

You will have lifetime access and updates if any are necessary for the training to be relevant. (I will always keep you updated with what you need)

Does Pinterest Work For My Business?

The best way to see if people are interested in your products/services is to do this exact search on Pinterest. You will see the results available which will clue you in on how popular your products and services are being searched for.

Do you offer Refunds?

We are confident this crash course is going to work for you and we firmly believe you’re going to love this crash course so much, we’ll provide a 14 day – money back guarantee.

We DO require one thing, you HAVE to implement what you learned and show us you did the work. If you do the work and don’t see any results, we will give you your money back.