Kat Sullivan

Meet Kat Sullivan,

The driving force behind Marketing Solved and a prominent internet Personality in the online marketing and social media wold. With over a decade of industry experinece, Kat's track record of achievements and innovation speaks for itself.

But her journey began humbly, as a stay-at-home mom balancing the demands of being an adult college student and building a mom blog. Little did she know, this was the spark that ignited her profound talent for social media marketing, leading to an unprecedented leap in her career.

Kat's Path as a Full-time Mom and Emerging Business Owner Took an Extraordinary Turn

She not only managed the regiors of motherhood and entrepreneurship but excelled academically, graduating Summa cum Laude from William Jesseup University with a flawless 4.0 GPA. Her remarkable commitment to her community earned her the esteemed "Outstanding Student Award."

This backstory reveals Kat's unwavering determination and grit on her entrepreneurial journey.


Kat has cultivated a dedicated following of over 500,00 online and has independently sold over $2 million worth of digital products, showcasing her deep understanding of the digital landscape. Her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment set her apart.

Her brainchild, TASSI (Gettassi.com), is a game-changing social media software that simplifies online marketing for more than 30,000 clients. Kat's visionary approach has redefined how businesses approach social media.

On social media, Kat Sullivan consistently amasses a staggering 4 million organic impressions monthly. Her Captivating and insightful content resonates with audiences, solidifying her status as a true influencer.


Not only is Kat a business stand out,but she is also deeply committed to giving back to the community. She is a longtime supporter, volunteer, and donor for Miracles For kids and one of the founding memebers of 360 Miracle, a women's giving circle committed to making a difference for critically-ill children and their families in need.

Public Speaking and Training

Beyond her online presence , Kat Sullivan is a sought-after speaker who has shared the stage with icons such as Magic Johnson, Martha Stewart, Russell Brunson, John Assaraf, Leeza Gibbons, and Lisa Nichols. She has graced the stages of prestigious events like the "Super Bowl for Marketers,"Traffic & Conversation, Allison Maslan's Scale it Live , Perry Belcher's Weirdest Event Ever, and Kelly Fidel's No Glass Ceiling, among others, Her charismatic speaking style has resonated with tens of thousands of eager listeners, making her a must-see speaker in the industry.

In Recognition fo her Exceptional Contribution to the industrty

Kat has been named Marketer of the Year and received numerous accolades and honors, She's a celebrated figure, ofter featured in distinguished publications such as Inc Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company.

Notably, Kat is also one of the most trusted social media experts among celebrity clients. Her expertise and guidance have hepled some of the biggest names in the industy achieve new heights with their peronsal brands and online marketing.

Why Work With Kat

Brian Sullivan is widely recognized as an authority in the arena of relationship captial. He has amassed awealth of knowledge on being well-connected, serving as critical resouce for both individuals and oraganizations. Far beyond textbook knowledge, Brian's wisdom is battle-tested, backed by years of truning relationships into stepping stones for success. If you're looking to elevate your life's journey through the power of connection, there's no better guide than Brian for navigationg this rich, yet complex, landscape.

Elevate Your digital Journey
with Kat Sullivan

Inspire Your Audience

Enagage Kat your next speaker and offer your attendess more than just motivation-provide them with the keys to unlock their digital potential. Her actionable insights promise not only inspiration but also immediate applicability.

Transform Your Team

Secure Kat's unparalleled expertise for your training or workshop needs.With a tailored program designed to navigate the intricacies of digital marketing, witness not just an up-skilled team but a measurable increase in performance and ROI.

Invest in Excellence:

When you purchase one of Kat's educational programs, you're not merely buying a course. You're investing in a meticulously crafted pathway to digital success, offering not just knowledge but the mastery of effective implementation.

From her earliest days balancing the roles of dedicated student and young mother, to her current standing as an industry titan, Kat Sullivan doesn't just set the bar for digital excellence-she is the bar. She epitomizes the transformative power of determination and expertise, standing as the epitome of entreprenerial wisdom, innovation, and impact in the online marketing industry.

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