Ready to become a graphic design boss? (Without needing a masters degree in Photoshop?) 

If you answered yes to that…you’re in the right place.

We all know how important it is to have a high quality presence online.

It attracts people to you.

It inspires people.

It gets you more clicks, likes, comments, & shares.

It literally has a direct impact on whether people purchase from you or not. 

Just think about the graphics and pictures you’re attracted to…

Would you do business with a brand that has low quality graphics? Probably not. 

But here’s the good, no, GREAT news…

Creating high quality images and pictures is EASIER NOW than it ever has been before.

You can make just a few simple tweaks and elevate your graphics to boss status, asap.

What's Included In Graphic Design Boss ?

Learn how to edit your images and create STUNNING photos that people LOVE to engage with…in just a matter of SECONDS with free apps and the right tweaks.

If you’re not editing your pictures before you post them on social, you’re missing a huge opportunity! 


Learn how to create social media graphics, quotes, & promotional pieces in minutes from your phone.


Learn how to take your pictures, edit them, AND ELEVATE them so they STAND OUT and create a conversation around your brand. 

And, if you’re not already using Instagram Stories to market your business, you will after this. Instagram Stories (Facebook Stories & YouTube Stories) have EXPLODED in popularity.

You can’t just put up boring images, you have to give your people content they WANT to engage with.



  • fa-star-oVideo 1)  Learn how to create attractive social media posts on your desktop using free software. Not just how to create them, but get the tips and secrets experts use to make their images stand out from everyone else!
  • fa-star-oVideo 3) Master ALL the tools & resources. Tap into the secrets of the pro's and use these easy tools and resources to elevate your graphics and images even further. Create professional images without having to spend a second on Photoshop.
  • fa-star-oVideo 5)  Create on the go. Learn how to create high quality graphics from your phone. You'll get step by step tutorials on how to use 5 apps that can make graphics in just minutes.
  • fa-star-oVideo 7) Dive DEEP in learning how to use Instagram Stories to market your business. See how you can use the most popular new tool to show off your brand and promote your business.
  • fa-starVideo 2) Get a complete understanding of how to create a cohesive brand that represents your business...even if you don't have a clue about design or creating graphics. This tool makes it easy for anyone. Literally, my 10 year old can do it.
  • fa-starVideo 4) Making Mockups...the easy way. Learn how to show off your new course on a laptop. Display your products on a t-shirt or in a magazine. Or maybe, highlight your app on an iPhone. You'll learn how to do it all.
  • fa-starVideo 6) Editing Like a Boss. Your pictures will POP and attract more comments when you know what edits to make. Understand how filters, colors, saturation, curves, and adding brightness can transform from BLAH to BOOM.
  • fa-starVideos 8-10) DOMINATE your stories marketing. You'll learn editing, apps, plus how to unlock all of the goodies Instagram stories has to offer to REALLY showcase your business.

Why Graphic Design Boss Was Created

When I first started out with online marketing, I loved looking at people’s graphics and photo’s they shared on social media.

My computer was filled with folders of graphics and images that inspired me. (We’re talking Pre-Pinterest!!) 

I KNEW these graphics are what attracted me to the brands. They were DIRECTLY responsible for me making a purchase.

These graphics represented high quality brands and courses that I dreamed of having for my business.

EXCEPT, I didn’t know how the heck to create them myself.

I didn’t have photoshop. Or any desire to learn photoshop. (Why is it so confusing?!) 

It was constantly disappointing to find out these amazing graphics + images were created by pricey graphic designers and professional photographers.

Since the budget at the time for graphics was a whole lotta $0.00, I had to learn how to do it myself.

Over the past 9 years, there’s quite a few tips and secrets I picked up that I’d love to share with you.

In fact, we create 95% of our graphics (and our sales pages, videos, webinars, landing page, social media graphics, promo’s, email images)

And people are ALWAYS asking how we do it.

What apps we use, how we edit images, how to create graphics on the go, what programs to use, what FREE resources there are…

And how to ACTUALLY do it.

Click by click & step by step.

That, my friends, is what Graphic Design Boss is all about.


To STAND OUT like the expert you are and represent your business the way it deserves to be

To create high quality images that ATTRACT & MAGNETIZE your buyers to you so you don’t have to chase them all day.

To get the skills you need to do it yourself so you can save TIME & MONEY and stop hiring amateurs.