Go Social! Marketing Solved - Social Media Training Program

Here’s the TRUTH

Businesses that use social media to sell – OUTPERFORM their competitors by 23%!!!


Most businesses don’t know how to turn fans into customers. Why?

It takes too much time

They don’t have proper training.

They don’t know how to get in front of their customers

They try it but don’t see results quick enough so they quit

They don’t know how to advertise so they end up wasting money

But that’s not the end of the problem…

it actually gets worse…

Here’s the Real Problem you’re facing

Customers are looking at your social media pages and your inactivity, low engagement, and lack of strategy and it actually LOSES you  customers, time, and money.

Your competitors ARE using it efficiently and seeing massive results

And, worst of all, you’re leaving an UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF MONEY on the table by not reaching social media users

But luckily for you, now there’s a solution…


Go Social! The Ultimate Social Media Training Program

Go Social! Social Media TrainingGo Social! Marketing Solved

Start seeing immediate results with each social media post

Get crystal clear on what you need to do to build your audience

Be confident promoting your business on social media

Overcome social media overwhelm

Have a proven system to start getting clients and making sales

Grow your email list with leads who want to buy

Learn step by step how to drive more traffic to your website

Create an automated system that gets leads, daily

 Generate worldwide brand awareness


Hi, My name is Katherine Sullivan and by now, you’re probably asking…

Who are you and how can you make these claims?

Here’s why I can make these promises to you:

I have over 6 Years of  Digital Marketing & Online Marketing Experience

I have worked with thousands of businesses from startups to multi-millionaires

I have built my own six figure business using ONLY social media

Hundreds of people have used my system to use social media to make more money for their business

The strategies you’ll learn have been PROVEN by myself. These have been tested and tried to make sure what you learn — PROVIDES RESULTS. It’s that simple.

But Don’t just take my word for it!

Take a look at this…


Look at these testimonials:

“I’ve spent a lot of money on online courses and nothing compares to Go Social. It’s detailed and gives you the step by step system for using all of the social media networks to grow my business. We went from 700 – 13,000 followers just on Facebook following the strategies in Go Social! and we get leads every single day. If you’re thinking about doing it, do it. It will be the best decision you ever make.” Greg R. 

“I had no idea what I was doing on Instagram. I followed everyone but had no clue who they were and it became a nightmare. Your explanations were so clear and make so much sense in how to make more sales using Instagram. I started completely over (the right way) and you have given me complete control over what I do and WHY I do it. I recommend Go Social! to everyone!” Sheliah M.

“Twitter Training is AWESOME! I started a brand new account yesterday after going through the training. I didn’t invite any known friends. Started completely from scratch. I just received an email from a customer that signed up TODAY through twitter. Thank you Kat. I don’t know how I did this without you and Go Social.” Dustin H.  

Go Social! Testimonial

Go Social! Testimonial Go Social! Testimonial Go Social! Testimonial

Client Results:

Generated $15,000 for a non profit client in a 3 day campaign using social media

Generated $12,000 in sponsor deals for a fundraiser in 30 days

Filled an entire pre-school with students and had people on the waiting list in a 2 month campaign

Create a system for an established gym that had so many people sign up in 2 weeks – they had to ask me to turn it off! 

And these aren’t a few rare success stories – they’re everyday people taking control of their social media marketing and reaching eager, hungry customers through the skills and strategies they’ve learned in Go Social!

Static Proof:

Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. (HubSpot)

15,100,000 consumers go to social media channels before making purchase decisions (Knowledge Networks)

74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions (SproutSocial)

93% of shoppers’ buying decisions are influenced by social media. (Business2Community)

My Results:

I ‘ve built a six figure powerhouse business using ONLY social media.

I generate profit – every single day 100% AUTOMATED

I bring in a steady stream of new clients every day on auto pilot

I grew my social media accounts from 0 – 10,000 in a few months

…and so much more.

Yes!! I’m ready to Go Social! For Only $297 $97

marketing solved

Here’s Exactly What You Get With Go Social! Social Media Training:

Learn Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, & Instagram in easy to understand, simplified and proven training.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing Course - Marketing Solved


  • 12 Video Modules, Worksheets, & Done For You Swipe Files

  • Learn How To Get Your Business More Traffic, Massive Exposure, More Leads, and a Lot More SALES

  • Step by Step Facebook Selling System to Customize For Your Business

  • Discover the Types Of Content That Engage & Sell

  • Get the Exact Plan to Grow Your Followers and Create a Community Around Your Brand


Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing Training Course - Marketing Solved

  • 10 Behind the Screen Video Modules

  • Unleash the Power of the Social Network Full of BUYERS

  • Learn The Secret to Creating Content That Goes Viral

  • Discover How to Effortlessly Convert Pinterest Fans to Sales




Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing Training Course - Marketing Solved


  • 10 Behind the Screen Video Modules

  • Learn How to Leverage Twitter to Grow Your Brands Influence QUICKLY & EASILY

  • Uncover the Secret Technique that Unleashes an Endless Supply of Leads

  • Discover How to Use Twitter To Sell Directly To Your Target Audience


Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Training Course - Marketing Solved

  • 9 Comprehensive Video Modules

  • Learn How to Leverage Instagram to Establish Yourself as the Go To Expert In Your Field

  • Discover the Secret to Hashtags to Put Your Brand Directly in Front of Your Ideal Audience

  • Master the Art of Attraction Marketing to Bring Followers into Your Sales Funnel



That’s Not All! You’ll Also Get…

  • An Entire Video Module on How to Make Social Media Work For YOUR Business

  • In Module 2 – Learn How to Brand Your Business Online to Grow a Community, Identify Your Target Audience, & Make Your Brand Look GREAT Online


  • Done For You Swipe Files

  • Downloadable Worksheets, Checklist, and Resource Guides to Make Social Media EASY

  • The ULTIMATE Entrepreneur’s Resource Guide, Get all the useful tools and resources you need to run a successful business online

  • Lifetime Access & Updates


ACT NOW, and Get These Bonuses

Facebook Advertising Training - Marketing Solved
BONUS #1 – Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads Ecourse that teaches you exactly how to create ads that convert without breaking the bank. ($97 Value)

BONUS #2 – Exclusive Access to Pinterest Promoted Pins training to get the most traffic5 Day Social Media Jumpstart and sales from the network no one else is using. (Value $97)

BONUS #3 – 5 Day Social Media Jump start Guide to define your target market, create attractive branding, and develop a fool-proof social media strategy (Value $37)

Get Onboard With Go Social! Social Media Training Now!

If you want to:

Make More Money from social media

Get More Clients

Grow a community around your brand

Enroll NOW For the LOW Price of  $297  $97

marketing solved

Go Social! is an online training program including step by step instructional videos organized in a methodical way so you learn each area before moving on, bonuses, and downloadable cheat sheets & worksheets. You can take the program on your own time and go through the modules at your leisure. You will have access to the training within 24 hours after your purchase.

Peek Inside the Modules

module sneak peek

In each module, we will go in depth with each social network.

  • Starting with account and profile optimization – this will ensure we leave no lead unturned while maximizing our account for prime search engine results.
  • We will walk through tutorials how to use each network so you are fully comfortable using the platforms
  • You will simple techniques to grow your followers instantly
  • Learn the exact type of content you need to be creating and curating to attract clients like crazy
  • Discover the secret sales process for each social network and learn exactly what the successful brands do to drive sales
  • Master the art of engaging and network with your community that helps you stand out against the competition
  • Perfect your posts by following my simple formula of the types of posts that generate the most traffic and engagement
  • Learn how to set up each network to drive tons of traffic on autopilot
  • I share my proven strategies to creating content that sells for you
  • Get the exact tools I use to run multiple businesses online
  • Explore analytics for each network and learn what metrics you need to amplify to increase your results
  • Get my top secret advertising tips for Facebook & Pinterest that will turn your accounts into a conversion machine
  • Plus so much more!

Why Go Social? FAQ's

Why Go Social! over another social media course?

Go Social! is the only comprehensive social media training that offers full training in 4 social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. Each module walks you through clear step by step tutorials and trainings of each platform. Learn how they work, how you can use it, the sales process specific to the network, and simplifying it for your business.

You also get two bonus modules on Advertising on Pinterest & Facebook with my top secret, never before shared tips that will change the way you advertise online.

Will it work for my business?

Go Social! is the only comprehensive social media training that offers full training in 4 social networks: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. Each module walks you through clear step by step tutorials and trainings of each platform. Learn how they work, how you can use it, the sales process specific to the network, and simplifying it for your business.

You also get two bonus modules on Advertising on Pinterest & Facebook with my top secret, never before shared tips that will change the way you advertise online.

Is it worth the money?

Definitely. This is the best value in the market – especially for the amount of content and training you’ll receive. I understand small business budgets and I kept the costs low for that reason. I created the Go Social! program because I believe ALL businesses should have the skills and knowledge to market their businesses with social media. I want you to make this investment in your business because THIS is an investment that will pay you and your business back, thousands of times over.

Take a look around at other social media programs, they’ll charge you this much for just one social network – here, you get 4 complete social media networks covered in absolute detail.

Who is Go Social! for?

This program is for  Business Owners, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers & Start-Ups. Whether you want to learn it for yourself, or purchase it for a team member who will handle the social media marketing – this program will cover everything you need to know for immediate social media results.

Marketing Solved Money Back GuaranteeMoney Back Guarantee: I understand I have 30 Days To Put Go Social to The Test!

If Go Social! doesn’t show me exactly how to make more money from social media… if it doesn’t take me by the hand, step-by-step to getting more clients… or if it fails to help me grow a community around my brand, then I can get a refund.

***As long as you can show you’ve taken the training, watched the videos and implemented the work – if you don’t get results – You will receive a full refund. 

Take advantage of this offer while it’s still available!

PS – Every minute you wait to get “Go Social! Social Media Training” is another minute you’re giving other Business Owners & Entrepreneurs to use this breakthrough Program to quickly and easily Make More Money from social media.